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Our affiliates are more successful for a number of reasons. We work with them individually to make sure they are providing their own visitors with quality information. We provide proven split tested advertising. Most importantly, we have higher conversion rates and longer cookie times than anyone in the industry. 


Did You Know?


Creative Bioscience® is the ONLY supplement company out there that offers 24/7 support to ALL of its customers. That’s right, anyone, any time that you refer to us is guaranteed access to qualified product support specialists to help them make the most of their supplement investment. 


As An Affiliate?


As an affiliate for Creative Bioscience® promoting our supplements, you will earn commissions for users you refer to us who make a purchase. When a user visits your site and clicks on either a text link from our affiliate program or clicks an advertisement we make available to you, they pass through to our site with your affiliate ID. When they make a purchase you earn a commission. 


Important Affiliate Statistics?


Conversion Rates -- This is a measure of how many clicks you sent to us that resulted in a sale. We measure this to make sure we are providing visitors with a great online experience.


Cookie Duration -- This is the amount of time we allow you to get credit for introducing new clients to us. So if someone visits your site, then comes to ours but wants to think it over, then they come back directly to us without visiting you again, you are still given credit for the sale.


Commission Rates & Average Purchase Order -- The commission rate is the percentage of the total sale you will get paid as a commission. The Average Purchase Order is the total value of the product in the shopping cart of most sales.


Conversion Rate


(11%) So if you send us 100 visits, on average, 11 will result in a sale. 


Commission Rate


Standard is 25% (0-150 sales per month)


Advanced 30% (150-600 sales per month)


Average Purchase


Order - $65.00 

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