10 Weight Loss Tips That Truly Work

by Mel on July 13, 2012

There are over 100 best weight loss tips available that a person can refer to in order to lose weight and keep the weight off forever. Although there are many weight loss tips available, there are 10 best weight loss tips a person can utilize that are easy to remember and easy to incorporate in their everyday life.

Some of the best weight loss tips ever involve modifying what a person eats in their daily diet and other weight loss tips involve changing a person’s daily habits.

Smaller Portions: Instead of eating one meal a day try eating at least four to five small meals a day. When a person eats four to five times a day their metabolism is revved up and the body is ready to burn the energy it has just consumed. The burning of energy is known as “feeding the furnace” and the more you eat, in smaller portions, the more weight you can possibly drop.

Make Your Plate Colorful: If you notice that your plate is lacking in color it may be the reason why you may have gained extra weight. If you have colorful foods on your plate you will be on the right path to weight loss. Such colors you will want to include are bright reds, yellows and greens.

Stay Away From Processed Foods: One of the best weight loss tips for women is to avoid processed foods. In order to start shedding pounds you should stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Processed foods usually are packaged as frozen food products, some cheeses and canned meats. Forgo processed foods and incorporate fresh foods into your daily diet.

All Fats Are Not Bad: One of the best weight loss tips women need to know is that all fats are not bad. The fats that people should stay away from are saturated fats. The fats you should strive to consume are called monosaturated and polysaturated fats. Foods that contain monosaturated fats are olive oil, peanuts, beef and avocados. Foods that contain polysaturated fats are lean turkey, lean chicken, eggs and most game meats.

Get Enough Sleep: You may think that staying up longer than normal will burn extra calories, right? Wrong. If you are not getting enough sleep per night your body will start to become stressed. When the body is stressed it will produce large amounts of cortisol, making you pack on the pounds. The average person should strive for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Stop Taking in Empty Calories: Consuming empty calories will deter you from losing weight and can cause weight gain. Empty calories come in the form of sugary drinks, such as most artificially sweetened sodas, sweet teas and most soups. If you are thirsty, the best beverage you can consume is filtered water. If you cannot give up the soda, try a diet soda which contains zero calories.

Start Lifting Weights: Most women believe that once they start lifting weights they will become bulky, but that is not the case. When women start lifting weights they become more defined, toned and decrease their levels of body fat. The more muscle a woman has the likelier she is to burn excess calories. For optimal weight loss results add strength training to your weekly schedule two to three times per week for thirty minutes per session.

Perform Cardio: Performing regular amounts of cardio will help you shed excess pounds and accelerate weight loss. Not only will cardio help you burn more calories and boost your weight loss efforts, cardio will also strengthen your heart and lungs. A person should strive to perform cardio at least two times a week for thirty to forty five minutes per cardio session.

Stop Stressing: A reason why obesity rates are high and on the rise are because people have too much stress in their lives. When a person has a lot of stress their body will go into “survival mode”, which means metabolism stops, and the production of cortisol increases; which makes the body more susceptible to weight gain. There are plenty of ways to stop stressing and relax in order to help your body during the weight loss process. Try meditating for five minutes out of your day or perform yoga; yoga is a good way to calm the body and increase metabolism.

Replace the Scale with a Tape Measure: A lot of women think that they are successfully losing weight based on what the scale reads. Well, in theory, it is true, the scale can detect when there is weight loss but a tape measure is a better indicator of fat loss.

Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle, but with 10 best weight loss tips you will drop weight more quickly and shed excess fat.



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Abdul July 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

I think this is a great article with a lot of useful information. Two points I really agree with in this article are, not all fats are bad and the importance of enough sleep. Also you need to keep yourself stress free.


Walt July 18, 2012 at 11:36 am

There are many tips for loosing the weight but here I got some of the tips that actually suits me. I like to exercise with a fresh food habits and proper sleeping habits diet. Also the various types of colorful foods and stress free life are a huge plus!


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