January 2017

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There are countless health benefits you can gain by having a diverse array of amino acids in your diet. These are the basic building blocks of protein and they are essential for building and maintaining muscle. Keep Reading


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If you’ve been counting calories, but you’re still not losing weight, it’s important to make sure that you not only understand the number of calories that you need, but that you are also not accidentally overlooking some calories. Losing weight requires setting realistic goals as well as accurately counting the calories you consume. Keep Reading


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It is not possible to spot reduce fat. You cannot alter your physical proportions through stringent dieting or even the most diligent diet plan. When you do drop pounds, every part of your body will grow smaller in relation to the other. As such, you will have the same physical shape, but a noticeably smaller size overall. The good news is that you can tone up each and every one of your trouble zones through targeted strength training. Keep Reading


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One large part of training your body is giving it the nutrients it needs for optimal performance and success. This is especially true when it comes to building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Protein is vital for building muscle. You can find complete protein in fish, poultry and meat.

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Set Goals For Weight Loss Success

by Jackie on January 13, 2017

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When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference in your eventual success. For example, setting goals can be a powerful tool, especially if you know how to keep them. Keep Reading


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Gluten is a special type of protein found in grains like rye, barley and wheat. Although there are countless people who are currently lauding the benefits of gluten-free eating, there are real benefits that can be obtained from the consumption of gluten. Keep Reading


by CB Blog Team on January 5, 2017

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A comment from one of our readers:

I have tried everything from calorie counting to just eating grapes and chicken to no-carbs to kale shakes, and although I would lose some weight, I never kept it off until I found a supplement called 5-HTP, found in 30 Night Diet. Keep Reading