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Are you guilty of late night snacking? Keep Reading


Post image for Using Stability Balls to Strengthen Your Core

Stability balls in the past have primarily been used in physiotherapy offices and nursing homes. Presently, they are also found in many local gyms. Try a few of these new fitness workouts using only a stability ball. Keep Reading


Post image for Take Care of Your Feet, They’ll Take Care of You

When thinking about your body’s health, did you ever give thought to that body part that supports your body upright throughout each and every day? Most people don’t, and it could cost them in the long run. Keep Reading


Post image for Getting Your Flexible On With Yoga Stretches

Back bends, wheel pose, handstands and shoulder stands are particularly advanced yoga moves that are designed to improve flexibility and utilize the length and stretch in the muscles. For many, these are the poses that present the greatest challenge, as they require more extensive preparation and skill. Keep Reading


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When it comes to exercise we all have similar goals: we want to lose weight, build muscle, and live a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, getting fit and looking lean might be easier than you think. Start by creating a workout routine that features cardiovascular exercise and strength training, fueled by healthy, nutritious foods. Keep Reading


Grill Healthy

by Gabriella Patel on July 15, 2014

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The 24th of July holiday is coming soon and that means many people will be firing up the grill to celebrate Pioneer Day. Lots of hot dogs, hamburgers and of course, ribs, will be cooked, but there are some healthy food items that you can throw on the grill and make your holiday BBQ a little different. Check them out, along with a couple recipes that won’t affect your healthy eating plan: Keep Reading


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Everyday activities such as bending over to clean up after the kids, and leaning over to pick something off the ground takes its toll on your back. You use your back muscles for most movements, especially when you are just simply walking. Strengthening your back will not only improve the look of your back, but also will prevent from future injuries from happening. Try these 4 simple exercises that will improve your core, and help strengthen the back: Keep Reading


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Next to the olive, the avocado is the second fruit with the highest mono-unsaturated fatty acids content at 20%, which amounts to almost twenty times that of any other fruit. This leads many to believe that eating avocados won’t promote healthy weight-loss. Keep Reading


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Bananas are one of America’s favorite fruits! On average, Americans eat more than 28 pounds of bananas per person, per year. Bananas are nutrient-rich and offer a wide variety of health benefits. So indulge your sweet tooth without ruining your diet, a banana averages only 110 calories and are naturally fat and cholesterol free. Keep Reading


When to Buy Organic

by Gabriella Patel on April 25, 2014

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Buying organic can be pretty rough on your wallet. Is organic produce really worth the extra expense? The truth is, some non-organic produce is just as safe as its organic counterpart. Read on to help you navigate your way through the produce section safely. Keep Reading