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Get a Grip!

by Gabriella Patel on May 27, 2015

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We all know (or we should know) by now how important it is to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness in order to live a healthy quality life, maintain our cardiovascular system, and keep our bodies strong in order to thrive into our later years. Keep Reading


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There are basically two kinds of backpacking food. There are freeze-dried backpacking meals, available in many delicious varieties but at relatively higher prices. Or food at your local grocery store, also with a wide variety of tasty choices, but with less cost. Keep Reading


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If you have dry skin, you know that lotions and moisturizers help. However, other causes of dry skin can happen as a result of frequent bathing, use of harsh soaps, aging, or certain medical conditions.

Keep Reading


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Exercises can be categorized as either single-joint (isolation) or multi-joint (compound) exercises. For best results, it is often recommended to implement both of these types of exercise into your daily workout regimen. Keep Reading


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Ever stop to think about what you wore just yesterday? Sometimes you just can’t seem to remember that person you met two days ago, or you want to go see a movie with that one actor that stars with that one actress? What was the name of that one song? And where are your car keys? Keep Reading


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It goes without saying that grabbing some food on the way home at a sandwich shop or some other restaurant becomes increasingly more expensive than occasionally hitting the town for some eats. Going to the grocery store takes time, effort, and a little patience as you (sometimes) have to learn how to cook up a few things. Keep Reading


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Some of us love butter. We put it on a piece of toast, it is used to bring out flavor, and helps with keeping ingredients together in baking. Unfortunately, butter is a dairy product that is made from the fat content in milk. Keep Reading


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Refined sugar is considered to be as addictive as a drug, and potentially as detrimental to your health. Long term over-eating of refined sugar can lead to substantial weight gain, and the possibility of diabetes. Keep Reading


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The days of eating candy loaded with sugar, forgetting to brush our teeth every day, and flossing once in a blue moon have to be avoided as much as possible if we want to establish healthy oral hygiene. Often, we focus on making sure those teeth are white, rather than keying on what those teeth are sitting on. Keep Reading


Perk Up That Booty

by Gabriella Patel on January 7, 2015

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Having a toned behind not only looks better than a saggy bum, but it will greatly reduce stress that is placed on the knees by distributing weight to the backside and hamstrings. Focusing on strengthening the entire leg has plenty of benefits, but chiefly reduces the possibility of injury on those beat up knees. Keep Reading