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To be successful, study the healthy habits of fit people. Get in shape by paying attention to the routines of highly fit people, many of their secrets are very straightforward habits that anyone could adapt into their own life.

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An Apple a Day…

by Gabriella Patel on November 7, 2013

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Apple picking and pumpkin carving scream FALL!  Apples are nutrient rich, inexpensive, and readily available.  If you’ve ever been to an apple orchard, you know how much fun picking a basket of delicious, healthy apples can be.  And if you haven’t, get pickin’! Keep Reading


The Best Snacks for Kids

by Gabriella Patel on October 29, 2013

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Toss out the junk food and check out these great healthy snacks! Nutritious snacking can help your child curb hunger throughout the day, as well as provide energy and important nutrients. Make a list of healthy snacks your family likes and post them in an easy to find location such as the inside of a cabinet door or in your home-management binder. Read on to learn more ideas and tips for healthy snacking. Keep Reading


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Sometimes getting motivated to exercise every day is a lot easier said than done. We all need a little extra push to get into our workout clothes!  Check out these tips to get you started and help you stick to your next fitness program. Keep Reading


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Meal planning can improve your health while saving you time and money. Preparing healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive—it just takes planning.  One of the hardest parts of getting a meal on the table is figuring out what exactly to have for dinner.  Read on to learn how to be a meal planning pro! Keep Reading


Healthy Freezer Meals

by Gabriella Patel on September 3, 2013

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I love making freezer meals!  I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when I see my kitchen counter filled with the meals I have made for my family. The other thing I love about making freezer meals is that I only have to cook and clean up once! Keep Reading


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Say goodbye thunder thighs, and hello long and lean legs!  One of most problematic areas, according to many women, these moves will work to both tone and elongate thigh muscles. Keep Reading


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The key to making healthy lunches, as with many things in life, is being organized.  Packing you child’s school lunch can be a healthier and better tasting option.  Making lunch at home can also save you money!  Keep Reading


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This heart-pumping, explosive, plyometric workout will help you burn tons of calories in 20 minutes, plus your metabolism will stay up for hours after your workout so you will continue to burn even more calories! Try these six moves for total body workout in just 20 minutes!  Keep Reading


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Working out in high temperatures can significantly raise your heart rate and put you at risk for heat-related illness and dehydration.  Learn how to beat the summer heat by making these simple adjustments to your workout routine. Keep Reading