Post image for Triathlon Preparation with Brick Training

The definition of “brick training” was coined when a triathlete mentioned one day that he was going to run after biking. He said that the run would be “just another brick in the wall.” Since then, a “brick” has come to be known as running after bicycling in the triathlete community. Keep Reading


Post image for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Without Snoring

Many people find themselves perplexed by the common syndrome of snoring, which causes many problems for them and their family members. While they face a restless night’s sleep, their partners and other family members have to cope with the high decibel levels that come from the nightly snorer. Keep Reading


Post image for Don’t Overeat These Healthy Foods!

Now, you would think that eating healthy foods with disregard for quantity for be good for you. I mean, you are choosing healthy foods as a substitute for greasy hamburgers, carbohydrate rich pizza, and sugar filled candies, so why not indulge in a healthy food that you enjoy? Keep Reading


Making Running a Daily Habit

by Jackie on September 19, 2014

Post image for Making Running a Daily Habit

Are you ready to include running in your exercise routine? Or training for your first 5K? Whatever your motivation, running is an excellent way to get in shape and improve overall health. It’s also a convenient way to get moving and boost your cardio training. Keep Reading


Post image for Mixing Up Your Spinning Exercises

Spending hours on a spin bike can get quite tedious without a different routine to mix up things. Indoor cycling training has been said to be more difficult than outdoor cycling because you have the ability to customize each workout by adding resistance. Make your next spin workout super productive and fun by injecting it with different drills and variations. Keep Reading


Post image for Bad Diet May be the Cause of Headaches

Losing weight can be such a pain in the…head. Research conducted by the National Headache Foundation, diet-related issues play a role in an astounding 30% of all migraines! From low blood sugar to caffeine withdrawal, the many subtle diet tweaks we make while trying to slim down can bring on that throbbin’ noggin. Here is why dieting makes your head ache, and how to ease the pain. Keep Reading


Am I Working Out Too Much?

by Jackie on July 17, 2014

Post image for Am I Working Out Too Much?

So you’ve picked out a workout regimen that you feel comfortable with. You know exactly what muscles to target, and are hitting the gym on the regular. Big question that isn’t asked enough: Are you going to the gym too much? Keep Reading


Post image for Eating Healthy On Those Business Trips

Looking to eat healthy foods while you are on a business trip is not always easy. Sometimes food is catered, and that can leave you with little choice. With tight schedules, high-pressure meetings, business travel is anything but a walk in the park. Keep Reading


Exercise Mistakes

by Jackie on May 16, 2014

Post image for Exercise Mistakes

Unfortunately, most people become frustrated and quit exercising before they see any real results. But it’s not too surprising, given the common mistakes many people make with their training programs. Are you making these workout mistakes? Keep Reading


Post image for Three Pasta Dishes in Under 30 Minutes

Bored of the pasta dishes in your dinnertime lineup? Change it up, with these easy pasta recipes that will please the entire family. Make any of these tasty (and healthy!) pasta recipes in less than 30 minutes! Keep Reading