Losing weight can be such a pain in the…head. Research conducted by the National Headache Foundation, diet-related issues play a role in an astounding 30% of all migraines! From low blood sugar to caffeine withdrawal, the many subtle diet tweaks we make while trying to slim down can bring on that throbbin’ noggin. Here is why dieting makes your head ache, and how to ease the pain. Keep Reading


Am I Working Out Too Much?

by Jackie on July 17, 2014

So you’ve picked out a workout regimen that you feel comfortable with. You know exactly what muscles to target, and are hitting the gym on the regular. Big question that isn’t asked enough: Are you going to the gym too much? Keep Reading


Looking to eat healthy foods while you are on a business trip is not always easy. Sometimes food is catered, and that can leave you with little choice. With tight schedules, high-pressure meetings, business travel is anything but a walk in the park. Keep Reading


Exercise Mistakes

by Jackie on May 16, 2014

Unfortunately, most people become frustrated and quit exercising before they see any real results. But it’s not too surprising, given the common mistakes many people make with their training programs. Are you making these workout mistakes? Keep Reading


Bored of the pasta dishes in your dinnertime lineup? Change it up, with these easy pasta recipes that will please the entire family. Make any of these tasty (and healthy!) pasta recipes in less than 30 minutes! Keep Reading


Burn Baby Burn

by Jackie on April 11, 2014

How many calories do you burn per hour doing various activities? Since 3500 calories equal one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 more calories than you take in to lose one pound. Many people do regular exercise to burn calories, but you don’t have to change into shorts and running shoes to torch a few extra calories. Your body constantly burns calories as you perform everyday activities. Keep Reading


Light Spring Recipes

by Jackie on March 14, 2014

Nothing says spring like light, healthy salads!  Celebrate the fresh flavors of spring with these delicious salad recipes made with fresh vegetables of spring. Keep Reading


When it comes to healthy eating, there is always room for improvement.  With busy schedules and fast food so readily available, it’s not always easy to eat healthy.  Here are the best strategies to improve nutrition and encourage your family to incorporate healthier eating habits:

Keep Reading


More Veggies and Fruit Please!

by Jackie on January 21, 2014

One big barrier to eating healthy is the perception that fruits and vegetables are expensive. That’s not necessarily so. Fruits and veggies can often be more expensive than convenient and less healthy foods.  But, there are some things you can do to make healthy choices easier on your pocket book.   Keep Reading


Tips to Keep You Healthy All Year

by Jackie on January 19, 2014

Say no to seconds. Drink lots of water. When it comes to dessert, go for fresh fruit. And if you’re eating out, take home half of your meal to enjoy later.  These are just a few easy tips that will help you improve your health, read on and learn more easy steps you can take to be healthier this year! Keep Reading