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An important part of any weight loss plan is to include some type of daily exercise. Whether you like to run on the treadmill or take a cardio class, keeping active will not only help you lose weight, but it can also keep you healthier and stronger. Keep Reading


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An important part of losing weight is adding exercise to your daily activities. While there are a number of different exercise programs, the type of exercise you choose can make a big difference in the results you will achieve. Of course, any type of physical activity is going to help you burn calories and lose weight; however, medical professionals recommend adding cardio to your workout routine.
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Here is a readers experience with 30 night diet:

I had been hearing about 5-HTP for a few years before I tried it. Many of my friends had used it to cure a variety of health problems ranging from migraines to PMS to depression. Fortunately, I am a very healthy person, and it never really dawned on me that I needed a supplement that had 5-HTP. Keep Reading


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With all the buzz that gluten allergies and gluten-free food products are creating, many consumers are still confused about the health effects of gluten protein. This confusion is further exacerbated by the fact that the largest portion of the standard food pyramid is comprised entirely of grains and other gluten-containing foods. Keep Reading


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Milk is high in calcium and protein and a is a great source of vitamin D, but there are many who simply cannot have milk or don’t want it in their diet.  In this brief post we mention several great healthy milk substitutes. Keep Reading


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Meditation has been used in many cultures for thousands of years, but recently its health benefits have also been discovered in the west. Meditation benefits include stress relief, better sleep, increased concentration, relaxation and a more positive attitude towards life. Keep Reading


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With the summer ending this means fall is just around the corner along with the big holiday season including the amazing holiday desserts. Your crockpot can be your best friend during the holiday season. These holiday crockpot apple based recipes will save you lots of time and energy this busy season. Keep Reading


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Healthy baking can be delicious without adding too many extra calories. When making your favorite summer baking treats, simply choose healthier substitutes for butter, sugar and other ingredients that usually add empty calories to baked goods. Keep Reading


Getting Abs For The Summer

by Jackie on July 15, 2016

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Toned abdominal muscles are a result of hard work and a healthy diet. It is not really possible to get great abs with any magic tricks; there is no cheating if you want to get a six-pack. Keep Reading


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It’s almost the New Year…the time of year that many decide to join a gym.  Joining a gym can be a big commitment of both time and money.  Before you make this commitment, read the following tips to help find the best gym for YOU! Keep Reading