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If you’ve been diagnosed with asthma and you’ve been given regular preventive and reliever therapy (usually in the form of inhalers, or tablets), it’s important to use the preventive treatment every day even if you’re feeling well. Keep Reading


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The name Achilles is said to be a combination of two Greek words that together mean “grief of the people.” The injury that bears that hero’s name, in honor of his only weakness, which certainly afflicts many runners, with Achilles tendinitis accounting for around 10% of running injuries. Keep Reading


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Most of us know what habits to avoid if we are looking to stay injury free and perform our workouts. But what we don’t realize is that there are little things that some of us do each day that can stress and strain our anatomy, impede our workout progress, and even set us up for a future injury. Keep Reading


Swimming Mistakes

by Mel on January 13, 2015

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Swimming isn’t exactly a natural activity for humans so finding the most efficient and technical way to fight the water element leads to faster swimming. There are many bad habits swimmers develop that usually stem from poor adaptation to the water. Some of these habits surface even in the most seasoned of swimmers. Keep Reading


Almost everyone will say that they want to live longer, do more things, and spend more time with their families. But even if most people think or say this, their lifestyle reflects otherwise. Living longer and continuing to love your life usually means living healthy. Keep Reading


A long-debated argument has existed on the belief of pre-workout and post-workout snacks. Other questions for those that eat around their exercise schedules have included “How much should I eat for my workout, and what should I eat?” Keep Reading


The Many Health Benefits of Green Tea

by Mel on September 23, 2014

“Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.”

-Ancient Chinese Proverb Keep Reading


We all have our guilty food pleasures, but there are definitely some that you should eternally ban from your diet, or at least limit your intake. Here are 6 foods to avoid as much as possible, and you will be well on your way to a healthier, balanced meal plan. Keep Reading


Get Out of That Bed!

by Mel on July 11, 2014

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” – Aristotle Keep Reading


Get That Heart Rate Up!

by Mel on July 2, 2014

Cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate and breathing. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that most adults get 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise, 20 minutes of intense cardio exercise or a combination of moderate and intense cardio exercise five or more days each week, in addition to two to three days of resistance exercise. Engaging in different types of cardio reduces boredom and offers an effective fitness program. Keep Reading