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One of the most common reasons that diets fail is that it is difficult to stick to your good intentions when you feel hungry or are craving certain foods. Appetite suppressants are supplements or drugs that can block the feelings of hunger and help you to resist food cravings. But are all supplements effective and how do they really work? Keep Reading


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A healthy digestive system is important for general health and well-being. Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that have many benefits for the digestive system. Probiotic supplements help balance the bacteria in the intestines by increasing healthy bacteria and reducing harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Keep Reading


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One great, simple way to help you to reach your health goals is to keep a diet journal. Writing down what you eat at each meal every day for a week or two can be helpful in many ways. Keep Reading


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Butter contains saturated fat and a lot of calories. It can be an occasional treat, but if you are trying to lose weight or if you suffer from high cholesterol, try some of the many healthy substitutes: Keep Reading


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Is losing weight with yoga really possible? If your idea of yoga is gentle stretching, try hot yoga or vinyasa yoga and you might be surprised. Keep Reading


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I have been looking for a diet that will work around the clock for me and keep me on track all day, that is when I found 30 Night Diet. After looking into this supplement I found one of the main ingredients is 5 HTP and I I’ll admit it. I was more than skeptical when I read that this amino acid derivative 5 HTP had all sorts of amazing properties for weight loss and mood control. Keep Reading


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Finding it a bit challenging to get a healthy, balanced, homemade meal on the table at a decent time?  Become more efficient when it comes to preparing meals with these meal planning short cuts. Keep Reading


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My experience with 30 night diet has been quite positive. First of all, this is not to say that the supplement will work for everybody. However, in my case, it is quite understandable how the supplement has helped me control weight gain. Keep Reading


The Backwards Workout

by Rachelle on October 16, 2015

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Elliptical trainers are one of the top pieces of exercise equipment purchased. They are great tools for simultaneously working both the upper and lower body. Incredibly, you can get an even more efficient total body workout by reversing the motion during your exercise sessions. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your minutes on the elliptical machine. Keep Reading


Another Insane Workout!

by Rachelle on September 18, 2015

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This heart-pumping, explosive, plyometric workout will help you burn tons of calories in 20 minutes, plus your metabolism will stay up for hours after your workout so you will continue to burn even more calories! Try these six moves for total body workout in just 20 minutes! Keep Reading