Best Diet Foods Are Not Scary Foods

by Gabriella Patel on July 15, 2012

For many of us, the word diet brings fears of deprivation and starvation instead of inspiration and hope. It is a simple word yet it is a word that blocks many from taking steps towards feeling better about themselves and their health. Going on a diet should really be a chance to create a food plan that helps with conscious food choices. So, when thinking about what are the best diet foods to lose weight fast, rephrase the whole approach. A better way of looking at dieting is to think of the best foods that help us to feel good, not numb and bloated, and we can enjoy eating.

Planning our meals means being aware of what we really need without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating. Some of the best diet foods for fast weight loss are foodstuffs we are already familiar with. Fiber is one we hear about every day because of its benefits to the bowel. When the bowels do not function properly, toxins are reabsorbed back into the body through the intestines. Fiber also prevents food from setting in the intestine too long, preventing fermentation. Fermentation and the reabsorption of toxins can cause the body to swell and have the appearance of extra fat. This is the reason that doing a simple cleanse often causes a person to lose a lot of pounds fairly fast, at least at first. The two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble are essential for a healthy weight loss. Soluble fiber absorbs fats and harmful toxins from the food we eat, plus helps us to feel full without extra calories. Apples contain a fiber called pectin which is well known for its ability to absorb excess cholesterol. Pectin comes from several fruits besides apples, grapefruit being one of them. The second kind of fiber is insoluble fiber. It acts like little brushes sweeping through the intestines. Oatmeal is a great source of insoluble fiber and ground flax seeds are another. Keeping the intestines clean means the nutrients we need are absorbed a lot easier, plus it insures that harmful bacterial is less likely to take root in the intestines. The best diet foods for weight loss includes fiber because it helps with the hunger and is a great start to a firmer, slimmer figure.

The best diet foods for men are not that different than the best diet foods for women. Men usually have an easier time losing weight because their normal body fat is lower. More muscles tend to mean greater fat burning ability. Foods that emphasize high quality carbohydrates, like deep green lettuces and lean protein, help with men’s health goals. CLA comes from sunflower and safflower oils. CLA helps convert fat into muscle and is great for the athlete. Women tend to have a harder time loosing excess fat because they naturally have a higher count of fat cells. While high quality protein and carbs are important for a woman, foods that emphasize health for the thyroid and balancing estrogen levels are important. Shell fish are great sources for thyroid nutrition because of their high content of trace minerals and natural iodine, while coconut oil provides MCTs, medium chain triglycerides, for thyroid nutrition. Great tasting nutritious foods are beneficial for both sexes.

The best diet foods to eat include treats. A weight loss trick is not let oneself get too hungry. When planning snacks, for instance, using a combination of nuts and seeds will provide satisfaction because of the high protein and good fats in them. Celery or Apples with almond butter provide a sweet crunch along with hunger satisfying protein and healthy fat. Different teas and juices are great substitutes for regular and diet sodas. Green tea has been shown to help burn fat. For satisfying, low calorie meals consider using beans. They have a high concentration of fiber and protein while being low calorie. A lot of the problems we have with food are that we are conditioned to think that sweet has to be sugary and protein can only taste good when it is from deep fried foods. There are so many types of fruits, vegetables and sources of protein to try that it is an adventure in retraining taste buds.

The best diet foods to lose weight can be delicious and not scary to prepare. Eating is a celebration of our lives and a way to build relationships with family, friends and ourselves. A simple, plain apple can be a feast or a baked fish with a touch of lemon can be a celebration. Losing weight is only a lot of work because so many of us have to start at the beginning and relearn how to eat. One thing is for sure, the word diet does not have to scary. Remember to enjoy what you are eating and listen to your body so you will know when you are full.

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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