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7 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

by Michelle on February 22, 2018

First, just to clarify, this post is not about oils like olive oil, canola oil, fish oil, etc…it’s about the types of essential oils used in aromatherapy; just so there’s no confusion.

We have all been there while trying to lose weight:  You eat better and exercise yet you feel there’s just something missing that would help you achieve better results.  Well, there really might be something missing and it’s most likely along the lines of a better attitude or a brighter outlook, overcoming fatigue, tackling digestive problems,  getting rid of cravings, etc. that could help you with your weight loss journey.  That’s where essential oils can come in handy.  Following are seven of the most beneficial essential oils to incorporate into your weight loss regimen and their specific purpose:

  1. Grapefruit Essential Oil: has been shown to have an invigorating, rejuvenating effect on the mind.
  2. Cinnamon Essential Oil: aids in controlling blood sugar and insulin release; can help keep sugar cravings in check.
  3. Ginger Essential Oil: improves digestion and helps reduce inflammation in the intestines.
  4. Lemon Essential Oil: this oil benefits both mental and physical health and is a great “all-in-one” essential oil; it helps dissolve fat while boosting mood by increasing the levels of norepinephrine in the brain.  The zesty scent will energize you and help you to think positive thoughts.
  5. Peppermint Essential Oil: naturally suppresses appetite and helps with bloating and indigestion while helping improve digestive health.
  6. Bergamot Essential Oil: increases your energy levels and improves mood to help conquer emotional eating.
  7. Fennel Essential Oil: helps curb appetite and promote overall digestive health; also helps you sleep better and longer thereby easing the stress associated with dieting.

PLEASE:  Do not use these oils directly on the skin.  Always dilute them with a few drops of a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil before applying to the skin. 

You can rub the diluted oil onto your neck, forehead, temples, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, or the bottoms of your feet to feel the benefits.  Avoid sensitive areas like ears, around the eyes and mouth, and anywhere there is broken or damaged skin.  You can apply the essential oil blend to a wet towel and use it as a hot or cold compress, use it in an oil diffuser, or even in a reed diffuser.  Store oils in a tightly sealed dark glass bottle in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.  Here are some blends that you might like to try:

Citrus Fat-Melting Essential Massage Oil

10 drops – Lemon essential oil                        5 drops – Bergamot essential

10 drops – Grapefruit essential oil                  2 oz. – Carrier oil (coconut or almond)

  • Mix all together and store in a glass bottle; apply to parts of the body with a gentle massage where there is fat accumulation. (shake well before use)

Appetite Suppressant Inhaler

20 drops – Peppermint essential oil                20 drops – Grapefruit essential oil

20 drops – Lemon essential oil

  • Mix all together and store in a glass bottle; inhale for benefits. (shake well before use)


With so much of the country either buried in snow or sloshing around in the pouring rain, I thought some good food was in order!  Whether on a diet or just looking for simple, tasty dinner ideas…these recipes fit the bill.  Enjoy!

Tomato Basil Soup

2 cups chicken or vegetable broth (or substitute 1 cup water for 1 cup broth)

2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes

3 ounces of tomato paste

4-6 leaves of fresh basil rolled and sliced

1-2 cloves garlic crushed and minced

2 tablespoons chopped onion

1 teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon dried oregano

Pinch of marjoram

Salt and black pepper to taste

  1. Puree all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Pour into a saucepan and heat to a boil.
  2. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Serve hot, garnish with fresh basil leaves or parsley. (Makes 2 servings)

Orange Ginger Chicken 

 100g chicken – cut into chunks

Black pepper

Orange – cut in 1/4s

2-3 cloves minced garlic

1 T fresh ginger root (about 1/2″-1″ long piece, peeled & minced)

1/2 t basil

Juice of half lemon

  1. Preheat pan over MED heat.
  2. Sprinkle chicken with pepper.
  3. Add chicken to pan and stir fry until brown on all sides, about 5-10 mins.
  4. Add garlic and cook for 1 min.
  5. Squeeze juice of orange quarters over chicken.
  6. Peel & separate orange into sections. Add orange sections, ginger, lemon juice, and basil. Stir well.
  7. Cover and simmer for about 20-30 mins.   (Makes 1 serving)


These days many more people are opting to follow a Vegan diet out of want instead of need.  It used to be that the only “non-meat” diet was a vegetarian one, but now vegan plans are everywhere.  Just to make sure everyone knows, many vegetarians still eat eggs and dairy products and some will even eat fish.  However, vegans eat nothing that is from an animal…not even their milk.  This means no eggs, milk, cheese, etc.

Vegans, as well as vegetarians, sometimes have a difficult time getting an adequate amount of protein into their diets so it’s important to make sure that supplementation with key vitamins is a part of your protocol.  Using quality sources of protein is also crucial to being health if you choose a vegan diet lifestyle.

Here are just a few you can incorporate:

Tofu                          Seitan                          Tempeh                        Seeds                        Nuts                          Beans                      Peas                          Vegan Meat                Soy Products               Protein Shakes       Protein Powders

Keep in mind that not all vegan proteins are created equal and some could pose issues with slow/stalled weight loss, especially on our drops protocol.  Also, just in general, keep a close eye on any artificial sweeteners used in vegan shakes and powders to make sure that Aspartame is NOT an ingredient.  It’s a pretty bad sweetener and Stevia or Sucralose is better.

Following a vegan diet plan isn’t so easy so we have put together some good alternatives that anyone (not just vegans) can use either exclusively or occasionally while on a diet and taking our products.  You can email for an extensive list of these options and ask any questions you might have about any of our products or the diet.

Also, if you have any suggestions for future blog posts on topics you’re interested in or things you would like to know more about please be sure to email Support with those items and we would be happy to look into posting about them!


This quote from Hippocrates, a Greek physician born in 460 BC, sums up what more and more people are incorporating into their healthy lifestyle practices.  With all of the problems modern pharmaceuticals can cause with many side effects, not to mention the high costs, people are looking to food, herbs, and natural remedies to be healthy and heal.

There are many resources out there to help you start a more natural plan for health and wellness and many people are finding they need their medications less and less by incorporating a healthy eating and exercise regimen.  As always, please be sure to check with your doctor before ceasing any medications or making any major changes to your diet just to be safe…but if you get the go-ahead have fun!

Here are some helpful charts that can get you started on understanding how to arrange a healthy plate and what foods are beneficial:





Once you start eating healthy you should be feeling more energy, improved mood, and better sleep as a result.  Weight loss is also a part of the deal as your body begins to function properly and shed the excess weight once it is properly fed.



Juicing for your health

by Michelle on February 8, 2018

If you Google “juicing” you will get hundreds of different sites to visit about how beneficial juicing raw fruits and vegetables can be.  Some are realistic in that they promote juicing as an excellent way to get healthy vitamins and minerals into your diet but others tout that juicing will cure diseases and “fix” whatever ails you.  You should take the outrageous claims with a grain of salt (or the whole shaker depending on the claim) but juicing is very healthy and beneficial for many people that are not very healthy.  Here are some of the therapeutic effects:

  1. Raw fruit and vegetables are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and natural sugars that can aid in regulating body functions.
  2. Juices from raw fruits and vegetables require no digestion and almost all of their vital nutrients are assimilated directly.
  3. The fruits and vegetables are very rich in alkaline elements which are highly beneficial in normalizing the acid/alkaline balance in blood and tissues.
  4. Juicing provides a generous amount of organic minerals like calcium, potassium, silicon, etc. which can prevent premature aging of cells and disease.

Here are some combinations for juicing arranged by the ailment they are meant to benefit:

  1. Allergies-Apricot, grapes, beet, spinach and carrots
  2. Acne-Pear, plum, grapes, tomato, cucumber
  3. Anemia-Prune, red grape, beet, celery, strawberry, carrot and spinach
  4. Arthritis-Pineapple, sour apple, sour cherry, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, beet, spinach, grapefruit
  5. Asthma–Apricot, lemon, peach, carrot, radish and celery
  6. Bronchitis-Onion, carrot, peach, tomato, pineapple, lemon
  7. Bladder ailments-Apple, watercress, parsley, celery, lemon, cucumber, carrot
  8. Colds-Spinach, celery, carrot, onion, grapefruit, pineapple
  9. Diarrhea-Papaya, lemon, pineapple, carrot and celery
  10. Eczema-Cucumber, beet, red grapes, spinach
  11. Gout-Red sour cherries, tomato, cucumber, spinach, carrot, celery
  12. Halitosis-Apple, tomato, grapefruit, celery, carrot, spinach
  13. Headache-Grapes, lemon, carrot, lettuce, spinach
  14. High blood pressure-Grapes, orange, carrot, beet
  15. Insomnia-Apple, grapes, lemon, carrot, celery
  16. Influenza-Apricot, onion, carrot, orange, pineapple, grapefruit
  17. Kidney ailments–Apple, orange, lemon, cucumber, celery, parsley, beet
  18. Liver ailments–Papaya, grapes, carrot, tomato, beet and cucumber
  19. Obesity–Lemon, orange, cherry, pineapple, papaya, tomato, beet, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, carrot
  20. Psoriasis–Grapes, carrots, beet, cucumber

Please be sure to check with your healthcare provider to make certain you should try juicing to improve any ailments you suffer from and that the ingredients don’t present a problem with any condition or medication.  And as always…fresh is best and making your own juice is what’s healthy.  HAPPY JUICING!



Taco Tuesday Recipe

by Michelle on February 6, 2018

There are many tasty recipes on our website for the hcg protocol (or even general dieting) and this one is great for “Taco Tuesday”.  Check out the other recipes at

Ground Beef Tacos

  • 100 grams lean ground beef
  • Lettuce leaves
  • 1 tablespoon finely minced onion
  • 1 clove crushed and minced garlic
  • Dash of garlic powder
  • Dash of onion powder
  • Pinch of dried oregano
  • Fresh chopped cilantro to taste
  • Cayenne pepper to taste
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  1. Brown ground beef. Add onion, garlic, and spices and a little water and simmer gently for 5-10 minutes. Add salt to taste.
  2. Serve taco style in butter lettuce or romaine leaf mock tortillas or with a side of tomatoes or salsa.

Makes 1 serving (1 protein, 1 vegetable)



There is a lot in the news today about the thousands of “beauty” products that are touted as “anti-aging miracles” that seem to focus mainly on skin care.  While many might be beneficial in this one area, Creative Bioscience has an anti-aging product that not only addresses your outward aging needs but also your inward needs and general health.  Our Anti-Aging formula contains several natural ingredients to cover the multiple aesthetic needs of getting older while also aiding the body in staying healthy during this time as well.  Here is some information on our product that you might find helpful:

Ingredient Benefits:

Phytoceramides:  Plant versions of ceramides (which help waterproof the skin and act as a skin barrier), these lipids keep skin hydrated and plump.  They work against skin damaging free radicals to reduce the aging process and increase the amount of collagen and elastin that the body naturally produces.  Collagen keeps skin firm and elastin helps skin remain healthy and looking youthful.  Phytoceramides are beneficial in protecting skin from the damaging effects of the environment and moisture loss so it remains healthy and resilient.

Biotin:   An essential B vitamin (B7) that is needed to maintain healthy hair, skin, nails, nerve health, metabolism, and overall cell health.  It assists in various metabolic reactions and it may be helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level.

Vitamin A:  An important vitamin with many health benefits including maintaining a healthy immune system, good vision, and helps the skin repel bacteria and viruses while keeping it hydrated.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid):  An essential nutrient and antioxidant believed to help protect cells from environmental damage.  It’s necessary for the formation of collagen in bones, muscle, and blood vessels and may help the body absorb iron.  It’s also responsible for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body and used to form protein to make skin, tendons, ligaments, to heal wounds, plus the repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth.

Vitamin D:  An essential nutrient shown to help protect skin from sun damage and can help with skin repair and healing.  It may also help activate hair and nail growth while being essential for healthy bones and in helping prevent several autoimmune conditions.  Also known as the “sunshine vitamin” it’s produced by the body in response to being exposed to sunlight, but that exposure can also damage skin so supplementation is a good way to get the beneficial amounts.

Vitamin E:  An antioxidant believed to help protect the skin from sun damage and general oxidative damage.  It’s believed to be a stimulant for capillary growth which promotes hair and nail growth.  This vitamin’s healing “powers” are enhanced when combined with Vitamin C, which increases its effectiveness.

Product Focus:           These ingredients are all designed to work together to provide total body support for healthy function and systemic damage repair.  The ingredients also have properties that work together to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and eyes.  Phytoceramides are strong antioxidants that can fight against skin aging, while the vitamins and minerals are known to maintain and improve internal health which in turn can help you feel and look better.


I’m sure you have heard a lot going around these days about the multiple health benefits of Turmeric…and they’re all true!  But have you ever tried it?  Turmeric a cousin to ginger, is a staple in curries, and is used to impart color to mustards…but its uses extend far beyond the culinary world.

Turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds.  The active compound, Curcumin, is known to have a wide range of biological effects beyond being anti-inflammatory which include antioxidant, antitumor, antibacterial, and antiviral activities.  Chinese medicine has used it for centuries in the treatment of various infections and even as an antiseptic and turmeric also appears to outperform many pharmaceuticals in its effects against several chronic, debilitating diseases with virtually no side effects.

These are some of the many benefits of Turmeric that warrant giving it a try:

  • Supports healthy joint function,
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Promotes healthy, radiant skin,
  • Helps the immune system
  • Aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promotes healthy blood and liver functions
  • Supports the absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

There are many recipes online for things like Turmeric Tea, Turmeric Milk, and recipes incorporating this multi-faceted compound that can make it easier and tastier while adding it to your daily diet.

Another use for turmeric is in beauty treatments.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • High in antioxidants that slow down cell damage and can help wounds heal
  • Widely used as a skin exfoliant and improves skin’s texture
  • Helps with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema
  • Aids in reducing pigmentation and evens out skin tone
  • Can help diminish wrinkles

An internet search for “turmeric masks” will yield several results that you can try to reap the benefits of using this spice topically.

With so many positive attributes associated with the use of turmeric, both internal and external, doesn’t it warrant giving it a try?  Start slow and maybe add it to scrambled eggs, soups, etc. and work up from there.  Please check with your doctor and/or pharmacist about any health conditions and medications before using turmeric or any new food item if you have particular concerns.  And don’t worry, using turmeric on the skin is not known to make you turn yellow or orange but as always, test in a small, unnoticeable area first just to make sure.


With the cold weather still upon us it’s nice to just stay cozy and warm at home with good food and maybe a little binge-watching of something exciting!  Here is a tasty recipe that’s not only diet friendly but easy to make, healthy, and very tasty as well!

Tomato Basil Soup 

2 cups chicken or vegetable broth (or substitute 1 cup water for 1 cup broth)

2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes

3 ounces of tomato paste

4-6 leaves of fresh basil rolled and sliced

1-2 cloves garlic crushed and minced

2 tablespoons chopped onion

1 teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon dried oregano

Pinch of marjoram

Salt and black pepper to taste

  • Puree all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Pour into a saucepan and heat to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Serve hot, garnish with fresh basil leaves or parsley. Makes 2 servings


I don’t know of anyone that hasn’t had some trouble sleeping at some point in their life.  Many people seem to just find it a common annoyance they learn to deal with but it’s far more than that.  Quality sleep…7-8 hours a night…is very important to not only your quality of life but also your health.  While not always easy to come by, a good night’s sleep might be easier to obtain than you might think.

Many health problems are made worse by lack of sleep and some of the most serious potential problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.  Over time it can also lead to premature wrinkling and dark under eye circles.

Here are some things to try and some to avoid that could aid you in counting more Z’s very soon:

During the Daytime:

  1. Expose yourself to bright sunlight in the morning to fully wake you up.
  2. Spend more time outside during the daylight and let in as much natural light as possible both at home and at work.
  3. Get some exercise during daylight hours to stimulate hormones like cortisol.
  4. Limit caffeine and nicotine as both stimulants can take hours to leave your system; especially avoid it 4 hours before going to sleep.

At Night:

  1. Avoid big evening meals, especially heavy, rich foods and spicy or acidic fare as they can cause stomach upset and heartburn…keeping you awake.
  2. Steer clear of alcohol before bed; while it might help you relax it interferes with your sleep cycle once you’re out.
  3. Don’t have too many liquids in the evening…so you can avoid too many bathroom trips, disrupting sleep.
  4. Avoid bright screens within 1-2 hours of bedtime…the blue light from your phone, tablet, computer, or TV is especially disruptive.
  5. A dark and cool room is the best for quality sleep.

With just a little bit of effort and some important lifestyle adjustments you can get a quality amount of restorative sleep and improve not only your mood but your health as well.