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Balance joins the four types of exercise along with strength, endurance and flexibility. It is ideal to include all four types of these exercises in a healthy workout routine.

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A study was performed where a group of 24 adults did seven abdominal exercises, five days a week for six weeks, and they did not lose any belly fat, or fat anywhere on their bodies. Keep Reading


Calcium! It Does a Body Good

by Mel on April 10, 2015

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Many of us grew up hearing that we should drink our milk so that we grow strong bones. However, there are quite a bit of health benefits of calcium other than just building strong bones. Keep Reading


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Pull-ups are considered by many to be the best exercise for developing muscle on the upper back and biceps while creating that wide “V” look everyone wants. Keep Reading


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Exercises can be categorized as either single-joint (isolation) or multi-joint (compound) exercises. For best results, it is often recommended to implement both of these types of exercise into your daily workout regimen. Keep Reading


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Salmon is one of the better fish to grill that you will find at your local grocery store. Thanks to its relatively high fat content, salmon benefits from grilling much like beef, developing a smoky sear on the outside while sealing in its moisture. Keep Reading


Find Love in Exercising

by Rachelle on March 27, 2015

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What if a magic pill could replicate the effects of exercise? A way to get a healthy and toned physique without all of the blood, sweat, and tears. No more crowded gyms or grueling hours of work, and the only weight you’d have to lift would be a cool drink at the end of the day. Keep Reading


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As babies, we ate intuitively: Food is there, we eat it. As we aged, the world around us began influencing what, when and how much we chose to eat. We see advertising for food products, smells would emanate from local restaurants, and scheduled cafeteria meals were put into place when we were younger. Keep Reading


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Ever stop to think about what you wore just yesterday? Sometimes you just can’t seem to remember that person you met two days ago, or you want to go see a movie with that one actor that stars with that one actress? What was the name of that one song? And where are your car keys? Keep Reading


Almost everyone has dealt with some level of neck pain and without knowing and understanding the cause, the odds are good it will occur again. Neck pain is often caused by prolonged strain on upper back and neck muscles due to poor posture or spending a long amount of time in one position. Keep Reading