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Enjoy the holiday feast without the guilt or the weight gain. Thanksgiving is only one day a year but the holiday weight gain stays with you. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (or more) during the holidays and keep the extra weight permanently. Keep Reading


Healthy Freezer Meals

by Gabriella Patel on November 24, 2015

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I love making freezer meals! I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when I see my kitchen counter filled with the meals I have made for my family. The other thing I love about making freezer meals is that I only have to cook and clean up once! Keep Reading


Are Your Thighs Rubbing Together?

by Wendy on November 20, 2015

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Say goodbye thunder thighs, and hello long and lean legs! One of most problematic areas, according to many women, these moves will work to both tone and elongate thigh muscles. Keep Reading


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Kids need a healthy breakfast before heading to school. But it can be a challenge to feed them a healthy meal and still get them out the door in time for school. Try these simple breakfasts that kids can eat on the go and many can be prepared in advance so you can avoid the morning rush! Keep Reading


High-Intensity Killer Ab Workout

by Mel on November 10, 2015

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Get killer abs by performing exercises that combine fat-burning cardio with moves that target your entire core. These moves will help you burn off the fat that’s hiding your sexy abs. Intervals are short bursts of maximum-intensity effort that have been proven to burn significantly more calories than typical workouts. Keep Reading


How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

by Wendy on November 6, 2015

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The key to making healthy lunches, as with many things in life, is being organized. Packing you child’s school lunch can be a healthier and better tasting option. Making lunch at home can also save you money! Keep Reading


A Better Booty

by Gabriella Patel on October 30, 2015

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Look better in your jeans this fall with these booty shaping moves. A tight, toned tush is a key ingredient for rockin’ your jeans with confidence. Plus, learn some tips to choose the best jeans for your body type! Keep Reading


Garden Fresh Tomatoes

by Wendy on October 27, 2015

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Picked fresh from the garden, tomatoes are bursting with flavor and nutrition! One medium tomato provides you with more than a quarter of your vitamin C for a day. Learn more health benefits and some delicious recipes to help get your kids to eat more tomatoes! Keep Reading


The Backwards Workout

by Rachelle on October 16, 2015

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Elliptical trainers are one of the top pieces of exercise equipment purchased. They are great tools for simultaneously working both the upper and lower body. Incredibly, you can get an even more efficient total body workout by reversing the motion during your exercise sessions. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your minutes on the elliptical machine. Keep Reading


Cooking With Kids

by Mel on October 13, 2015

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Spend more quality time with your kids, while teaching them valuable food preparation skills! It is never too early to start giving young kids simple tasks in the kitchen. Older children can learn how to prepare an entire dinner for the family by themselves. Your kids will love spending time with you in the kitchen and they will feel a great sense of accomplishment learning new skills! Keep Reading