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With the summer ending this means fall is just around the corner along with the big holiday season including the amazing holiday desserts. Your crockpot can be your best friend during the holiday season. These holiday crockpot apple based recipes will save you lots of time and energy this busy season. Keep Reading


Post image for Counting Calories Has Never Been Easier!

Ask anyone who has ever been on a diet and they will tell you the same thing: It wasn’t their finest hours. It’s perfectly okay to admit that dieting is hard. Keep Reading


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The summer is a great time to get healthy and active. When making summer body goals, small, gradual steps are better than trying to change everything in your lifestyle at once. Keep Reading


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Is carbonated water healthy? Carbonated water is plain water infused with carbon dioxide. It can be a relatively healthy, non-alcoholic drink in moderate amounts if it does not contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Keep Reading


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Adding juices to your diet is an easy way to get more vitamins and minerals without too many calories. Cold press juice is said to be one of the healthiest options. Keep Reading


Post image for Tips For Healthier Summer Baking

Healthy baking can be delicious without adding too many extra calories. When making your favorite summer baking treats, simply choose healthier substitutes for butter, sugar and other ingredients that usually add empty calories to baked goods. Keep Reading


Post image for Is Yoga Weight Loss Really Possible?

Is losing weight with yoga really possible? If your idea of yoga is gentle stretching, try hot yoga or vinyasa yoga and you might be surprised. Keep Reading


Getting Abs For The Summer

by Jackie on July 15, 2016

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Toned abdominal muscles are a result of hard work and a healthy diet. It is not really possible to get great abs with any magic tricks; there is no cheating if you want to get a six-pack. Keep Reading


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The African mango comes from the famous Irvingho tree; an Asian tree but grows in many parts of Africa. The fruit has the same texture, style and size of a mango, and this is why many people confuse it for a real mango fruit. Keep Reading


The hCG Diet Plan

by Mel on July 7, 2016

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Information on how to lose weight is everywhere. The fact of the matter is that one method that works for one may not work for another. It is indisputable that regular exercise, moderation of eating portions, and eating healthy foods is an excellent method of losing weight and keeping that weight off. Keep Reading