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Many of you already know me because you have read my articles, we have worked together on product reviews and promotions, or you have requested advise. However, it may come as surprise to all of you, but we have something in common. You have an interest in Creative Bioscience because you want to change your body. Some of you need to lose weight, some need to boost energy, and others need a good cleanse. Well, despite the fact that I am the in-house personal trainer for Creative Bioscience, I too need to change my body.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and am set to deliver a baby girl on February 4th 2012. This is not my first baby and as many of you know not my first rodeo at losing weight. Despite the fact that I have quite a bit of experience helping others and myself reach weight loss goals; weight loss is never easy. Just because I am a personal trainer does not make the treadmill any less boring, my first time to a new spin class any less intimidating, nor burning calories easier! In fact, being a personal trainer and needing to lose weight has its own unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is the perception that a fit personal trainer should remain fit and lean during their pregnancy. Unfortunately for me, I do not fit this mold. I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a fancy way of saying severe morning sickness. I have been pregnant three times and they all go the same way. I start out at about 135-140 lbs, get sick and lose 10 lbs, and end up gaining about 60 lbs for a net gain of approx 50 lbs. The reason why I gain so much is because the only things that make me feel better is very high fat, calorie dense foods. So while I would never eat bbq spare ribs normally, I cannot get enough during pregnancy.  Another compounding reason is that I get pregnancy anemia which makes me very tired. Any one will gain a lot of weight when they go from running 20 miles a week to nothing overnight! The good news is that once the baby is born I can resume my normal lifestyle habits. That is exactly where this running testimonial will start. Once I deliver my baby, I will be posting my current picture along with my height and weight. I will be posting at least once a month to tell you what I have been eating and my exercise program. Unfortunately, I will not be able to report on any of Creative Biosciences products because I will be breast feeding. I do not feel comfortable taking any supplements besides my prenatal vitamins during pregnancy or while breast feeding. However, I want to show everyone what it takes to lean down. By taking supplements you simply speed up and make the process easier. I will be doing this the harder, old fashioned way. B


Baby # 1

1 week post delivery

5’9” age 24 192 lbs at delivery

Baby #2

Five days post delivery

5’9” age 30 187 lbs

I am finished with weight loss. I am about 135 lbs)



I totally admit that pictures really do not do much justice to reality. It is hard to tell exactly how big or small I am. Also please note that I am a very dense woman. People always think I weigh about 10 lbs less than I really do. I attribute this to an athletic frame, a good amount of muscle mass, and genetics.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Baby #3 post delivery pictures!


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Cyndi Jones Bio

by CB Blog Team on December 30, 2012

I have been working in the health and fitness field for over 10 years now. What sparked my interest was when I left home to go to college. I left high school at 5’9” and about 125 lbs. During the first two years of college I went up to 170 lbs and had no idea why. In addition to the weight-gain, I was also having upset stomachs quite regularly. I kept going to the doctor asking his advice on why I was changing so much. The doctor would always give me what I felt like was generic answers like, what types of food are you eating and am I exercising? I never really got it.

After I started to approach the 170 lb mark, I decided to take a step in the right direction. I got a job at the front desk at 24 Hour Fitness. I did this so I could be surrounded by people who I could sponge knowledge of off. This ended up being one of the most impacting decisions I have made in my life. I felt almost like an undercover spy, always asking leading questions and being in the right place at the right time. Before I knew it, I had one of the new trainers practicing their expertise on me. I got all the way back down to 130 lbs.

Losing the 40 lbs meant alot to me. It meant that I really was in control over the way I looked, the way I felt, and my health. It meant empowerment that would last my entire life. This empowerment led me to achieve my degree in Health and Wellness and 3 nationally ranked personal training certificates. (Not to mention a few hot dates)!

Since losing the initial 40 lbs I have been lucky to have 2 boys; ages 8 and 2. With each pregnancy I gained approx 50 lbs. Knowing that I had control over my body and lifestyle (when not pregnant) allowed me the serenity to be at peace with my pregnancy. I was not worried for a moment that I could not get my old body back. Every time “the baby” would want to eat I didn’t have to feel guilty about my calorie count. It is my personal philosophy that there are times and places for perfection. When you are pregnant; you are focused on baby perfection not outward personal perfection.

During my career I have helped hundreds of people regain control over their own fitness goals and boosted their feelings of empowerment. I have worked with several special populations including post-heart attack, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, children, seniors, and elite athletes. Every client has had their own unique struggles and life obstacles to overcome. However, success was within each one of their grasps.

My hopes for you in this challenge is to boost your empowerment. I want to show you that even if you are not striving for perfection, your goals matter. Whether you are looking to lose 5 lbs, 50 lbs, want more energy, or just want to cleanse your system; YOU are in control. Our products work in conjunction with your own personal determination for achievement. By making strategic health and nutrition changes you will maximize the ability of our products to do their job. This will result in a maximum result. The more effort you put into the process the more empowerment you will achieve.

Good luck and keep me posted with any questions or advice you may need.


Cyndi Jones
Online Social Contributor and Personal Trainer for Creative Bioscience


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Testimonial 1: Gera Turner

Hi Creative Bioscience! I just want to say thank you for the products I have used to help me reach my first weight loss goal of dropping 20lbs. The picture of me in the bathing suit was my before (197) and the picture of me with the flower in my hair is the after (177). I reached this milestone by using hcg1234 along with diet revive and green coffee beans. If I had to pick which product worked best for me; other than hcg1234, i wouldd say green coffee beans. This diet has really changed my life. I am more active and I make healthier food choices. I haven’t reached my ultimate goal but I am still aiming towards it. I know with the help and support of hcg1234, I will drop my last pounds in no time!


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Testimonial 1: NJ Winans


June 2011 I read an article about some diet that people lose weight just by taking drops. I got my first bottle for the cost of S&H for $5. So if it didn’t work then no biggy. Ordered it then everyone started telling me about how bad this HCG diet is and how people gain their weight back and how you starve yourself to get the weight loss. I felt sick with anxiety ’cause I was sure I made the wrong choice. I had a Dr’s appt that week and decided to talk to them. I had a full physical (just no turn and cough).

Here is the results of my blood work: Test Name ~ Results ~ Normal Range Chol~~~~~~~249~~~~130-199 Trig~~~~~~~398~~~~30-199 Direct HDL~~~38.65~~~40-59 LDL~~~~~~~131~~~~~60-129

I was 35 at the time of the test and physical and weighted ~340 lbs (I am 6’6”). FYI my waist size was 54 and I wore 2XXL shirts.

I was on High Blood Pressure medication (my eyesight was blurred) Medication for tremors (side-effect of another med) GERD meds (many nights waking up choking on my vomit- thought I would die) Countenance problems (let you figure that one out) Wheezed all the time (I mean ALL the time) Sex (what’s that?) Couldn’t tie my shoes without coordinating it with breathing (wore mostly sandles) Broke a toilet seat… I was just really big.

Well after talking to my Dr and Pharmacist (no drug interaction with holistic), I figured I could stop it if I need to. I took a lot of medication that dealt with my body’s chemistry and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice “health” for a unorthodox diet (I don’t diet). My mom is a 2 gen RN (she supported me but was totally against it) and I have worked in the medical field one way or another most my life. So we both kept a close eye on my mental, emotional and physical progress.

Then I began my first cycle of the five I did. Found out right off that Loading wasn’t easy. Even though I was gi-normous, I must have had some self-control because it was hard to stuff my face (not impossible though). Stage 1 : + 2lbs

Stage 2 was exciting and upsetting at times. In the first week I lost 17.8lbs and lost a total of 51.7 lbs in ~40 days! That was the better news. The bad news was how I did it. I had good intentions of walking at least once a week but I never did, till day 38. Why is that important? I think the exercise caused a stall and some effects of ketosis where showing (extreme meanness). I knew what had happened and I had to stop while I had control. OF COURSE there is that whole 500 calorie thing. I went from 4000 calories a day to 500 so it was an adjustment at first. I did my meals wrong a few times and figured out what worked and stuck with it. I got veggies 2wise a week and bagged them all at once (did the same with the proteins). I did a psychology experiment on myself. At first I ate all the food very bland and once I got sick of it I added a little to it and so on. Worked for me. I was also forever on the computer searching the forums for help on what to eat, where to get the drops and to get encouragement (Thanks Forum). I was very hard on myself. I wouldn’t even lick the cookie dough off the mixing spoon! I am nothing special, I just used the encouragement from good experiments for myself.

Stage 3 was actually harder than Stage 2. Why? Because now I can eat but everything had starch and sugar in it! I’m not kidding, look at shredded cheese- has starch to keep it from sticking, bacon has sugar, really just look for yourself (unless you already have). I ate mostly eggs, sugar free bacon, block cheese, and apples (it does keep the doctor away).

I did Stage 3 for 3 weeks and went right back into the next cycle.

Things I learned over 5 Cycles:

All cycles are pretty much the same as your first cycle which I used HCG1234. The first two weeks of Stage 2 are the most important in setting the pace for the VLCDs. Buy cheap clothes to replace the ones that are to big- you will lose the inches. Find a support group, mine was this forum. Weight every day, if not it is like driving with your eyes closed. Find a big pillow and an empty closet to let out your frustrations (or something softer than the kitchen counter to hit). THIS DIET WORKS FOR EVERYONE! Just kidding, it may not be for you and for some people that I work with I tell them not to do it ’cause of health. Too much exertion will cause you to stall. Not enough water will make you stall. Find an apple that you like and stick with it. Try them all. Eat ALL of your daily allotted food every day. Keeps you from getting too hunger. Don’t eat late at night. Try new foods like fish or veggies. I started eating grapefruit which I never did before. Spread your meal out so you have either a snack or a meal every 2 to 3 hours. That’s it for now…

The other 4 Cycles were the same. After my first 2 weeks in Stage 2 I would “expand” my menu. Coconut oil, broccoli, diet sodas, and a few other rogue items- just nothing to crazy. Find what works for you and stick to it.

I am 2 months out from LDW (Last Drops Weight) of ~220 and have kept with in 10 lbs of that weight. I eat fruits before 11am and stick to a modified Stage 3 diet (avoid if I can sugar and starch). My blood work is MUCH better. Chol- 187; Tri- 63; Direct HDL-52; LDL- 122. Instead of 12 medications I now take 4! Check out my other Thread to see more on my first 6 months.


Testimonial 2: Joanie


I am 34 years old, 5’9” and at the beginning of August 2012, was tipping the scale at 188 lbs.  I firmly believe that every good woman should have a closet full of at least 3 different sizes, and I had maxed mine out.  My largest pants were barely fitting, and most generously cut blouses were tight.  I HAD to lose weight, or start buying another wardrobe.


With portion control and light exercise, I have been successful in the past loosing 1.5 lbs per week.  I have been tempted over the last few years to try HCG but put off by the idea of a limited menu and the calorie restriction.  It is the same restrictions that have kept me from trying any other diet plan.  The catalyst this year that convinced me to try something as structured as HCG drops dieting was twofold:

1)      In the last 3 years, without a real “diet” I had not once weighed less than 177 lbs (I have been too heavy for too long!) and

2)      A beautiful tropical vacation was only 6 weeks away (how could I lose 15 pounds that fast?)


I decided to try it.   While I tried to figure out where to buy the drops (found them at Bartell Drugs, thank you!) I dieted like normal for 2 weeks, losing 3 pounds total.  Before loading, I weighed 185.  I followed the diet plan carefully.  I searched out recipes, and tried new dishes that were surprisingly good.


For 20 days, I stuck to the VLCD with only a couple of exceptions – those “mini-cheats” were situational necessity and I attempted always to stick to the calorie count of what I was substituting.  This morning is day 20 of Phase 2 and I have lost 12 pounds from my “before load” weight, and now tip the scales just under  173 lbs.  My goal of 173 for this diet plan has been exceeded – and the skeptical part of me is shocked that I was able to reach that goal!  Instead of losing 1.5 pounds a week, I was losing that much every three days with the HCG diet drops and plan.


I have not been so slender in 5 years.  In fact, I’m only a couple of pounds above my lowest weight in SEVEN years.  It is amazing to see the difference in the shape of my body.  It’s like the fat has melted off all over – my upper arms look toned now (I KNEW there was muscle under there!!), my “back rolls” are gone, and my waist – it is fitting quite nicely into pants I haven’t been able to wear for way too long.  No muffin tops to be found anywhere, and my bottom looks higher and tighter as well.  I didn’t use a measuring tape before and after, but my waist has got to be almost 2 inches smaller around based upon my belt holes and pants.


The diet was surprisingly easy to adhere to. Thank you for the excel chart – it really helped me keep track of everything.  I had to get used to the feeling of my stomach being empty for the first few days.  I didn’t have hunger pangs, but just an odd, empty feeling.  I had to fight the urge to eat a handful of crackers after about a week of dieting.  That was honestly the hardest part.  Using Stevia helped me with sugar cravings – I didn’t have any of those.  It is hard to eat the same kinds of foods so many days in a row (I don’t eat seafood) but with some internet searching, I came up with about 8 meals that I rotated through and that variety really helped.


I’m so incredibly pleased with the results and I want to thank you for your product.  I still have about ½ of a bottle left, and I may try another 21 day round after a few weeks of maintenance.  Then I really would have to buy a new wardrobe!  After another 12 pound loss, nothing in my closet would fit!  Like others, I’m sure, I have so much more to share – but I’m feeling the need to do some cartwheels with my skinny little body, so that’s all for now.


Thanks again,












HCG Weight Loss





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Testimonial 3: Traci Wilson


I started out a Very Hopeful skeptic but turned into an Extremely Satisfied Believer. My journey began March 24, 2012 with the 2 loading days, This is Very Important do not skip these days or you will not be able to stick with this program, at the beginning of phase 2 I weighed 341.5lbs & pre-diabetes, first week weight loss 18lbs.The first few days I did experience a slight headache but by the beginning of the 2nd week I was fine, it is important to load with high fat foods also as in my 2nd & 3rd rounds I had no headache, I did a 6week round & walked a few days out of the week, nothing fast or strenuous but enough to get my heart pumping a little faster, & I lost 51.5lbs.
During my 3 weeks stabilization I upped the intensity of my walking & had wonderful cheese back on my life but the important thing was moderation & I kept the weight off.
P2R2–Only a 3week round this time as I had a family get together, a wedding & a high school graduation party after loading days start weight 299lbs but I lost 14.5lbs the first week total weight loss 25lbs not bad for 3 weeks.
During the P3R2 stabilization there was a week where I didn’t have a scale but I maintained as normal a menu for this phase as possible & gained 1.5lbs, I cheated & tasted the cakes & ice cream, back but as soon as I was home, I didn’t eat any sugar, my family was very supportive & made sure I stuck to my diet & didn’t get side tracked but desserts. More Importantly I didn’t want anymore sugary treats and I use to be a junk food junkie!
At a three month checkup with my doctor I was no longer at risk of developing diabetes since I had lost so much weight.
P2R3— another 6 week round begin weight 273lbs after loading days, they get harder to do because you realize I don’t want that junk in my body! I had to up my drops from 10drops 3x a day to 13drops 3x a day by the end of this round. I also joined a gym & upped my calories from 500 to between 800-1000. Lost 31.7lbs this last round & will continue to follow my new lifestyle. NOTE this is not a diet but a new way of Life, if you think you can revert to your old habits then you will continue to have yoyo weight loss & gain cycles.
After three successful rounds I have lost a total of 98.1lbs it took two weeks on the stabilization phase but I reached the 100lbs lost milestone on September 1st, 2012.

Thank you for giving me my life back Hcg1234!


Testimonial 4: Stephanie


My personal story of the path I have taken towards my weight-loss

I was always really thin as a child, teenager and young adult, Then it all started to go array around 1993 when I was 22 years old. At the time I was around 135-140 pounds. I was in a size X-Small to a Medium. I tried slim quick & gained around 20 pounds on it instead of losing it. I have tried everything out there on the market. I have also tried Body Wraps, lost 16 1/2 inches and around 8 pounds but gained it all back and more. I started to gain weight a lot around this time and go up and down in my weight. My thyroid was tested and It was hypo thyroid and also had an adenoma on my right thyroid and when I was put on 5 mg of Synthroid the adenoma shrunk and was gone after 2 years. In 2003 I had my gallbladder taken out I was 204 pounds and lost 50 pounds the Dr. had me on low fat diet but gained it back and more. At this time the Endocrinologist was tested for Diabetes, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 levels all were low. So I have to take pills for all of these except the B-12 I have to get 1000 mc injections every week for the rest of my life or I could die from it, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes-but was fine with watching what I ate..I have fibromyalgia really bad and in 2005.The Neurologist put me on a pill called Lyrica, well let’s just say I had every side effect and more while I was on it.I was 154 and I also by the  side effects of that pill the weight went all the way up to 289 pounds in 2007.This Dr. wanted to give me other pills for the side effects from it. Let’s just say he is no longer my Dr. and I slowly weaned myself from this med. Also my thyroid was tested by my Endocrinologist and I was getting the wrong dose of meds. so they took me from 88 mg of Synthroid to 100 mg of it and I lost 84 pounds after that and went down to 204 pounds. Then I met my husband in 2007.We married in 2009 and I was around 200 pounds then and was still losing at this time. Then 8 months into our marriage we became pregnant with our daughter Amelia. I had gestational diabetes very bad the whole pregnancy. Was put on Diabetes meds also my thyroid was all over the map so they raised the dose of Synthroid from 100 mg. to 125 mg. I went from 200 pounds to 264 pounds, The Endocrinologist was suppose to lower it back down to 100 mg but the Dr. did not do so. Also while I was pregnant I got a belly button hernia-The Dr. told me after the baby was born it would have to be operated on. I was breast feeding my daughter and lost 35 pounds so I then was 229 pounds but my husband Richard passed away in my arms while him, Our baby daughter and I were sleeping so I ended up gaining the 35 pounds back and more I am 289 pounds and I am in a 3X to a 4X in clothes. I sit and cry all the time because I use to be so thin.I also have no energy to chase my 27 month old around. I also want to be healthy for her and me so I can be around to raise her. I am the only parent she has left and she deserves a healthy mommy. I was tested for thyroid again in 2012 and they then found a cyst on my left thyroid and I am still on the 125 mg but switched it to another brand. Now for 27 months the Dr. is telling me to lose 60 to 100 pounds for the belly button hernia surgery I have to have, this is so difficult to do this. I just need to find something that will help me get me to my goal of between losing 155-169 pounds. I want to get down to around 120 pounds.


Testimonial 5: Andrea


My name is Andrea, and I am a 28 year old female. I had originally started your hCg1234 program about 4 months ago. I did a 6 week treatment, and lost about 20 lbs. Your list of foods and program was very simple to follow, and I enjoyed learning a healthier way to eat. I went ahead and used the program a second time for 4 weeks and lost another 10 lbs! I am now down about 40 lbs total and have lost 4 sizes! I feel great and get tons of compliments 🙂 Thank you for your great product!


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1st Testimonial – Jake

My family has always struggled with weight issues so I’ve always been concerned about my own weight management. I tried Green Coffee when I heard that the beans aren’t roasted and they don’t contain any caffeine as a stimulant. I work all the time and have a very busy personal life so changing my schedule to hit the gym every day just wasn’t going to happen. I needed something that allowed me to lose weight with smart eating choices but not any major changes to life style. Green Coffee Bean 1234 hit the mark. I didn’t have any initial side affects, no jitters, no sleepless nights. Just dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks with only the minor change of dropping some fat from the diet. This is a real product for real people.


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