Finding The Ideal Brown Sugar Substitute

by David on July 27, 2012

The modern world does not make it easy for people to engage in healthy lifestyles. The preponderance of unhealthy food options that include loads of sugars, fats and artificial ingredients is a major reason why many people are overweight, even if they do not eat portions of excessive size. Additionally, people are working more, and their schedules are becoming filled with activities that do not leave time for exercise or preparing proper meals. As a result, many people simply decide to go with the flow and eat the foods that are readily available, thus perpetuating the cycle of unhealthiness. Others dive into programs of exercise and healthy eating head-first only to become overwhelmed by the prospect of changing their lives so completely.

However, there are ways for average people to become healthier without overhauling their lives drastically. In fact, the simple act of using substitutes for many common, unhealthy ingredients is a great way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle without changing every aspect of life overnight. For instance, the use of a healthy brown sugar substitute can allow people to enjoy the foods they love while making a simple, but important change.

Sugars are now thought to be one of the most dangerous and harmful categories of food. This is largely because of the impact that highly-processed sugars and other sweetening agents have had upon the waistlines of many people throughout the world. It is thought that many sugars cause the body to react strongly by producing high levels of insulin. When a large amount of insulin is produced at one time, it can cause the body to store sugar as fat, rather than use it for energy. This is why people who consume large amounts of processed, sugary foods tend to gain weight quickly and put themselves at risk for ailments such as diabetes.

While there are many artificial products that can be used as a white or brown sugar substitute, these sweetening products can actually lead directly to weight gain, as well, even though they contain no processed sugar and no calories. This is because they are often made with chemicals that are even more harmful than the sugars they are meant to replace. While people who use artificial sweeteners feel good about what they believe to be a healthy choice, they are actually harming themselves even more than if they had continued to use processed sugar products.

Processed sugar may seem like an essential element in many recipes, and many people feel that if they are to eliminate sugars from their diets, they need to stop eating some of their favorite foods. Thankfully, there are actually healthy alternatives to using sugars, and many of them are able to supply the appropriate levels of sweetness. There are even products that can be used as delicious substitutes for brown sugar.

Brown sugar is used in a wide variety of recipes, and it is a product that adds a specific type of sweetness to the foods in which it is used. In most cases, brown sugar is made using normal, processed white sugar mixed with molasses. While it can make many favorite foods taste deliciously sweet, people who want to take a small step toward a healthier lifestyle should try to avoid the product. Though it can be tempting to use an artificial substitute for brown sugar, artificial products do not offer a healthy alternative. Instead, it is recommended to use substitutes that can retain the sweet qualities of the products while reducing the body’s insulin-producing functions.

For many people looking for a brown sugar substitute cookies are tough to make without the usual ingredients. As a brown sugar substitute maple syrup can work well, but it is only slightly more healthy than processed sugar. Instead, it is recommended to use a product such as agave nectar. This substitute is much more healthy than maple syrup, and it possesses the proper levels of sweetness to be used as an effective alternative. In most cases, the agave nectar can be used in lesser quantities than what is called for in a recipe. For example, if a recipe uses one cup of brown sugar, two-thirds of a cup of agave nectar can be used instead. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of using agave nectar is the fact that it is a brown sugar substitute without molasses, making it an excellent alternative for those trying to reduce total sugar intake.

For those looking for a brown sugar substitute honey, maple syrup and other similar products can be useful alternatives, but agave nectar is the healthiest choice. It does not cause spikes in insulin like other sweeteners, and it tastes just as delicious as the products it is intended to replace. Though agave nectar can be expensive, it is the most highly-recommended brown sugar substitute. Also, it is available in most well-stocked supermarkets, and it offers a simple way for people to make changes that will benefit their overall health. Most importantly, though, it allows people to continue to bake and eat their favorite sweet foods without missing harmful, processed sugar.




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