Fitness Bucket List

by Mel on October 24, 2013

When it comes to fitness, it’s a great idea to set goals.  They keep you motivated, keep you moving, and give you a sense of accomplishment when you’ve achieved them.  A fitness bucket list is a fun way to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals.  Do you have a fitness bucket list?

Need help thinking of fitness bucket list ideas?  We’ve got a list of ideas to get you started.

Take a Rock-Climbing Lesson

Look into local climbing gyms where you can take a lesson.  We have actually tried this with our family.  It was so much fun and everyone loved it.  It was not only great family time but also great exercise!


Take a Whitewater Rafting Trip

We took a fun trip to Oregon and went on a guided rafting tour.  It was so much fun and I would recommend it to anyone!


Get Dirty

A mud run or obstacle course event is something every able-bodied person should do. It spices up the typical running event by throwing obstacles and mud in your path, and it’s simply a blast to act like a kid and get dirty. I have friends who have participated in Mud runs and they loved it! I have added this to my list.


Try a Color Run

This is so much fun to participate in with your family or group of friends.  Some runs support charities so you can find one that benefits a cause you want to support.


Run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or a full-marathon

A marathon may not be for everyone but you can choose a race that fits your fitness level and goals.


Plan an Adventurous Hike

If visiting the Grand Canyon is on your bucket list, why not add hiking the Grand Canyon to your fitness bucket list?  Or there are any number of hikes worthy of bucket lists, like the Bridge to Nowhere hike in California, Half Dome at Yosemite, or hiking on Hawaiian volcanoes.


Try a New Sport

Is there a sport out there that inspires you every time you see it? Maybe it’s water-skiing or snow-skiing, maybe its sailing or tennis. If you’ve wanted to play and never have, add it to the bucket list!


Check Out These Other Fitness Bucket List Ideas:


Try Pilates

Try Bikram Yoga

Kayak a Beautiful Destination

Ride a Wave

Become a Black Belt in Karate

Become a Triathlete

Bike to another Town

Compete in a Fitness Competition

Compete in an Archery Tournament

Complete 60 Day Insanity Transformation

Complete a Juice Feast

Complete a Cross-Country Ski Race

Do a Juice Fast

Try Dog Sledding

Go a Week Drinking Only Water (No Soda)

Try Curling

Go Ice Skating

Go Kiteboarding

Go on a Midnight Bike Ride

Try Paddle Boarding

Participate in a Kickboxing Class

Try a dance class

Participate in a Color Run

Play Golf


I hope these ideas will motivate you to create your own fitness bucket list.  It is exciting to try new things and you will feel great when you accomplish your goals!



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