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by Gabriella Patel on October 1, 2012

There are so many energy products currently on the market – energy drinks, energy shots, energy pills and tablets. Most of those products contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar so while they may be effective, they are terrible for your body. Are there healthy high energy foods available? If so, what are high-energy foods?

Your body gets energy from calories, which come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. There are plenty of food options out there that can provide your body with energy, but we are going to focus on the natural high-energy foods, healthy foods that will provide you with energy and help you in your weight loss efforts.

The first natural energy source is Nuts. Nuts are an incredibly healthy, high-energy source. They are extremely easy to carry with you no matter where you are going. They have about 160 calories per 1 oz. serving and offer a wide variety of choices. Research has also shown that people who eat nuts on a regular basis my have a lower risk for heart disease. This is due in large part to the high amounts of fiber, vitamin E and the healthy unsaturated fats that nuts contain.

Oranges are another great energy source because of their high Vitamin C content. When you exercise, your muscles experience tiny tears and Vitamin C helps repair those. Any fruit that has a high amount of Vitamin C is a great natural energy source. You can go beyond just eating the fruit itself, by adding a orange to some Greek yogurt, milk and other fruits to create a smoothie that will taste good and give your energy a boost.

Beans are a great source of both proteins and carbs, which makes them a great option when looking to get energy. You can add them to your salad, soup, past dish or on rice to add extra protein to your diet and provide your body with long-lasting energy.

Oatmeal is one of the most popular energy source chosen by athletes because it is digested slowly, providing sustained energy. It can come in convenient single-serve packages that are easy to heat up, especially on the go. You can add in fruit and nuts to create an even higher-energy source snack. Just to be sure to avoid the instant oatmeal that has had flavor and sugars added into them.

Bananas are another great fruit that can be great for energy. Bananas are not only a great source of carbohydrates, they also provide the valuable nutrient potassium which helps keep away muscle cramps. They are easy to digest and make the perfect pre-workout snack.

Good fats  – found in things like fish, olive oil and avocados provide sustained energy. They also protect the health of your heart. Research has shown, that athletes who have a slightly higher fat intake, perform better because the fat is stored within the muscles and is used for fuel during endurance events.

Milk and yogurt  are two more great sources of protein and carbohydrates which will keep you full longer and provide you with energy that lasts. They also help you build strong bones with their calcium content. Stick to low-fat or skim options for easier digestion and to help limit the amount of saturated fat your body takes in.

It is important to remember that to provide your body with overall health, energy and well being you need to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you are working out on a regular basis, you should fuel up before your workouts with complex carbohydrates.

The foods above will help you get the energy lift you need whether it is just to get you through the day, or to prepare for a hard workout. These natural high energy foods are good for both men and women and will make a huge difference in how you function day-to-day. By adding these foods into your regular meals and snacks your body will feel better, you will have more energy to get the things you need to get done each day and they will also help you achieve your athletic and weight loss goals.

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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