Healthy Hummus Dip Thanksgiving Appetizer

by Lauryn on November 16, 2012

My odd food obsession? Meyer lemons. Ask anyone who knows me well- lemon complements everything I eat [ or drink ]. I use it on homemade pizza, quinoa pasta, hummus, all different kinds of berries, vegetables, pumpkin bread, &/or soup. Not only is one of the most versatile, low-calorie fruits, the acidic fruit turns alkaline after it is metabolizes in the body. This hummus & stuffed jalapeño olive appetizer is an easy side dish that is entirely Thanksgiving-appropiate & contains all-natural ingredients.

Quick Skinny Tip: lime turns to acid; ask for a lemon in your cocktail[s] as opposed to a lime!

* Appropriate for a party-sized soirée

2 Tribe classic containers of hummus [ this has all-natural ingredients and full of protein ]

1 can of black stuffed jalapeños olives [ make sure it’s a can; the glasses of olive containway too much sodium ]

1 Meyer lemon [ sliced in half ]

Brown rice chips

2 bulbs of Endive lettuce

Place all hummus in a bowl. Add 6 squeezes of lemon. Top with jalapeños stuffed olives. Peel Endive bulb and cut each piece in half. Place Endive lettuce pieces and a handful of brown rice chips around bowl. This is a delicious skinny appetizer that everyone will adore!

– Lauryn Evarts



Contributor at The Skinny Confidential
Lauryn is a blogger, fitness instructor and model. Her blog, The Skinny Confidential, is all about having your cake and eating it too. She does not believe in diets- only recipe modifications, accessible fitness tips and healthy weight-loss tricks.



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