Know The Benefits Of High Protein Diet No Carbs

by Rachelle on August 13, 2012

High protein diet no carbs have long been promoted as an effective way to lose weight. Such diets are recommended because dieters get to receive 30% – 50% of their calories directly from protein. According to the American Heart Association, small quantity of calories need to come from protein as these contains nutrients necessary to maintain, build and repair the body’s tissues.

While the popular Atkins diet focus on restricting one’s intake of carbohydrates, diets which are high in protein concentrate on foods which are packed with lots of protein thus allowing dieters to be very much satiated and satisfied. However, high protein diets are actually low-carb diets in camouflage.

How do high protein diet no carbs work?

When carbohydrates is drastically restricted to a fraction of an amount usually found in the average American diet, the body goes through ketosis (a condition where the body burns its own fat to acquire fuel). Usually, the body acquires its fuel from carbohydrates. When an individual is going through ketosis, the body acquires its energy from ketones.

Ketones are small carbon fragments produced by the body when it breaks down stored fats. Once the body is going through ketosis, one feels less hungry. A person therefore tends to eat less. However, ketosis could similarly cause kidney failure. This process results to the body changing from an engine that burns carbohydrates to one that burns fat. The body therefore stops relying on carbohydrates which the body usually uses to consume energy, instead it turns to fat stored in the body as its main energy resource thus resulting to weight loss.

The disadvantages of high protein diet no carbs

High protein foods no carbs diet program could cause some health problems such as kidney failure. Eating too much protein could place strain on your kidneys resulting in one being susceptible to kidney problems.

A protein no carbs regimen could also cause people to excrete large quantities of calcium in their urine. Through time, this could increase one’s propensity to develop osteoporosis as well as kidney stones. A protein-rich diet which restricts one’s intake of carbohydrates could similarly be bad for the bones.

The benefits of high protein diet no carbs

In the short-term, a low-carb high protein diet could help bring quick weight loss. A low carb diet was seen to produce weight loss compared to a traditional low-fat, calorie-restricted, high-carbohydrate diet after 6 months.

Compared to other diet programs, a high protein diet no carbs program resulted to more weight loss in as little as twelve months. Women who are overweight and adhered to the Atkins diet lost two times more weight compared to dieters who followed other diet regimens.

It also improved triglycerides, decreased blood glucose for pre-diabetics and diabetics. Plus, it increased energy and increased one’s good cholesterol. Any cravings for sweet also dissipated. Mental concentration was also better, one’s mood improved and dental hygiene was remarkably better.

Increased metabolism

The body needs to work hard in order to digest protein. This results to an increase in one’s metabolic rate. When the effects of a diet that is high in protein was studied among ten female volunteers, it revealed that after-meal energy expenditure was two times as much. Therefore, the energy exerted eating a high-protein diet explained the diet’s ability to boost weight loss.


A protein no carbs diet could help people feel full longer thus removing any cravings. Also, protein helps increase one’s level of satisfaction.

Easy to follow

A protein no carbs diet is easy to follow. Easy meals consisting of broiled or grilled meat could be prepared at home and be had with salad. It is also easy to avoid carb-rich foods such as breads, potatoes, cereals, fruit juice and soda. When a diet is easy to follow, it is similarly easy to stick with it. Studies also show that a protein no carbs diet has a positive effect on one’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Quick recovery from exercise-related injury

Though carbohydrates is the body’s preferred source of energy, research reveals that protein intake could enhance the body’s level of performance. Higher protein consumption between exercises resulted to better performance during the second exercise session. Researchers also discovered that intake of protein helps athletes recover after an exhausting exercise.

All in all, there are other benefits of a protein-rich diet. These include fewer headaches, improvement in muscle or joint pain, improved skin, decreased heartburn as well as other gastrointestinal symptoms. Still, there are those who believe that consuming only high-protein foods excludes other foods which are also important to one’s health. They believe that a balanced diet is a more sensible approach to healthy eating. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is set at 56 grams per day for males and 46 grams per day for females. Generally, there is little danger with a high protein diet unless one has kidney disease. Experts also advise approximately 120 grams of protein per day. Still, it is always best to consult with your doctor before engaging in a high protein diet no carbs regimen.



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