Maintain Your Figure With The 2000 Calorie Diet Plan

by Mel on July 20, 2012

2000 calorie meals

A lot of people are simply in love with food. This is nothing to be ashamed of because good food is enticing. If you are one of those people who love to eat, you are not exactly breaking the law. Enjoying your food is not a felony. Unlike smoking and drinking, eating too much cannot be considered a vice. The only problem is that food is basically fuel for the body. You need to eat well so that you will have the energy to carry out the day’s activities. You also need to eat well to look good and enjoy good health. The message here is simple. Try to eat for your health and not purely to please your taste buds.

One thing that dieticians and nutritionists have noticed is that a lot of people like to load their system with unnecessary quantities of food. In most cases, your body does not really need all the food you eat. This is why some of the food is stored as fat. More to the point, this is why you need the 2000 diet. Now, if you are not training for the Iron Man Triathlon, the 2000 calorie diet weight loss plan will be all you need to stay healthy and trim. 2000 calorie meals will also keep you well fed into the bargain.

2000 calorie diets are just right for women. This is because women do not have as much muscle as men do. Men who are muscular may need more food than women do because they burn calories even when they are at rest. Women do not have this characteristic so the 2000 calorie diet for women is excellent because there is no risk that the lady in question will be eating less food than her body needs.

The great thing about the 2000 calorie diet is that it is useful in different ways. The 2000 calorie weight loss plan can help people who want to lose weight. This diet plan can also help people who are happy with their present weight. People who want to embark on a serious diet and exercise program can use the 2000 calorie diet as a starting point. The good thing is that this diet is easy to follow and the body can get used to it within a very short time.

All diet programs have one thing in common. The beginning of the program may be difficult initially but after a while, the dieter gets used to the new system and it becomes much easier. With this diet program, the right approach will be to make things as convenient as possible during the initial stages of the program. This will definitely increase the chances of success for the dieter.

There would be no point in talking about 2000 calories without having an idea of the number of calories that different foods contain. Again, there would be no point in just quoting figures. The dieter needs to have specific information. To this end, some examples of 2000 calorie meals can be found below.
For breakfast, a plate of oats is the right way to start the day. This high fiber cereal can go with some whole-wheat toast and bit of strawberry jam. A small bit of cheese can also be thrown in because it is preferable to butter or margarine. This meal can be washed down with a glass of fat-free milk and one cup of orange juice. In this context, orange juice is not something in a can or in a bottle. Orange juice here is the juice of fresh oranges squeezed into a cup by the dieter. This meal will hover between the 380-400 calorie range and this is an excellent way to start the day.

The ideal lunch should be around 600 calories. This should include three large slices of whole-grain bread, a bit of tuna and mayonnaise. Carrots, tomatoes, onions and diced celery should be included to make the meal richer. The meal can be washed down with a chilled glass of water with a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in it. In the long hours between lunch and dinner, a safe snack will not hurt the dieter. A small handful of almonds and raisins is a great idea and this will add another 200 calories to the total so you are looking at 1200 calories for breakfast, lunch and a snack.

For dinner, the right choice is one cup of spaghetti (2 oz dry). This needs to go with tomato sauce, lean cooked beef or lean ground turkey. A cup of mixed green salad is a good idea but the salad should not contain salad cream. Instead, you can use about half an avocado in place of salad cream. This dinner will have about 700 calories. You can simply drink a small cup of low-fat yogurt after dinner and this will add another 100 calories to the total figure.

This is your 2000 calorie diet plan for the day. As you can see, this diet is rich and nourishing. It is also very safe and will keep you healthy and trim.



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