Mapping Out Your Abs Exercise Plan For Certain Success

by Jackie on July 21, 2012

If you’ve tried implementing an abs exercise plan several times now and failed, don’t despair just yet. There are surefire ways to achieve what you want, be it simple abdominal muscle toning or an aspect of a greater endeavor such as weight loss. An exercise routine is only part of a bigger picture called lifestyle, and it’s in changing that bigger picture that you’ve been frustrated in the past.

Changing the Lifestyle

The only thing more difficult than starting your own abs exercise routine is keeping it up. Exercise is part of a lifestyle – if your lifestyle did not have exercise or any form of equally challenging physical activity as a regular facet, you will have trouble starting it up and keeping it going.

Surmounting this challenge is crucial to the success of establishing your exercise patterns, and this added pressure makes it even more difficult. It’s not your fault that your lifestyle is difficult to change. What you need to do is focus on changing it bit by bit. When it comes to exercise, this is also the way to go.

Overcoming Excuses

Hand in hand with changing your lifestyle is overcoming the numerous excuses you have to not do so. Excuses are our subliminal response to change, especially if the transition that leads to this change taxes the way we live our daily lives. Don’t worry – you’re not a hopeless sack of excuses. You just need the right motivation and a little trick: doing less than what merits an excuse.

It’s the same concept as taking it slow. If your main excuse is that you tire too easily, then perform physical activity that does not tire you out, make a habit of it, then increase the activity in time. If your main excuse is that you don’t have the time, perform 5-minute routines, make them habits, and then increase the time you spend or the number of times you perform them. You’ll notice that as soon as what you do does not merit any excuses, it’ll simply become absorbed into your lifestyle, and form there you can continue building a foundation for your eventual abs exercise plan.

Starting a Smooth Transition

Once your lifestyle-shift is coming along nicely and you notice that you don’t even think about excuses when performing your little exercises, you can then begin the smooth transition into a solid abs exercise plan. One of the easiest ways to do this is incorporating simple abdomen-building exercise into your morning routine. Every morning, when you wake up, try:

Crunches: Lying down flat on the ground, place your hands at the back of your head and using your abdominal muscles, pull your upper body towards the ceiling. Do not use your hands to pull. You may raise your feet and bend your knees as you do the main abdominal exercise to spread the activity into your legs as well. Crunches offer simple, easy, flexible moves that work out the abdominal muscles really well.

Leg Lifts: Lying down flat on the ground with your legs held straight and your arms at your sides, all you need to do is raise your legs so that your feet are about 2 inches above the floor. Hold this position for 15 to about 20 seconds. That comprises one leg lift. These lifts are ideal abs exercises for women as they not only help tone out the lower abdominal muscles, but also affect the buttock area and lower back.

Crunches and leg lifts are some of the easiest abs exercises at home you can try. This means you really don’t have an excuse to not try them. Again, take it slow, only a few minutes of crunches or a few leg lifts if needed. As they become part of your routine they’ll find their place in your schedule.

Complementing the Abs Exercise Routine

Doing abs exercises at home is not complete without complementary nutrition and other physical activity. Your abdomen is not the only part of your body you need to care for through physical activity. The good thing is, even simple tasks such as taking after-dinner walks or walking your dog is a sufficient start.

Also, when you start to really build up you abs exercise routine, you’ll find your appetite will naturally become more than what it once was. Now, even before you start transitioning into an abs-toning routine, you need to ensure that you do not eat the typical foods that cause fat and offer little energy. When you start more robust activities and exercises, start taking in more protein and carbohydrates.

If your abs exercise plan is part of a greater weight loss initiative, you’ll find that relaxing fruit and veggie smoothies or even tea can help you focus on your exercises while also assisting in your weight loss endeavors.



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