My baby has arrived and so has my new diet plan!

by Cyndi on February 9, 2013

In hopes to help others on their weight loss journey, I have volunteered to make public my own weight loss journey. I have reached the end of my pregnancy and the beginning of another chapter.

During my pregnancy my weight skyrocketed from 136 to 190 at time of delivery. The day I returned from the hospital I weighed 181lbs (Wednesday Feb 6th). While everyone wishes to lose a lot on delivery day….you really only lose the amount of the baby, blood and accessories. So, I need to lose 45 lbs.

Although I am not sure what my measurements were before pregnancy, here are my current (post baby) measurements for tracking purposes.

Chest: N/A

(I am breastfeeding so this one will not be reflective of my actual chest measurements. I normally have small boobs.)

Waist: 40.5

Hips: 43.5

Thigh Largest: 23.75

Thigh smallest: 18.5

Calf biggest: 14.5

Arm biggest: 11

Thursday February 7th (2 days post baby)


Stay tuned for exercise, nutrition, and stat updates



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