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A comment from one of our readers:

I have tried everything from calorie counting to just eating grapes and chicken to no-carbs to kale shakes, and although I would lose some weight, I never kept it off until I found a supplement called 5-HTP, found in 30 Night Diet. Keep Reading


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If you’ve set health goals for the New Year, chances are you’ve included things like eating better and making sure that you work out on a regular basis. Of course, if you’re like most people, it’s easy to have good intentions, but without a plan in place, it can be hard to stick with your goals. Keep Reading


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If you’re trying to shed some extra pounds, don’t let the holidays take you off track. You can prepare many delicious, healthy meals that will not only help you to keep losing weight, but could also become new family favorites. Keep Reading


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Your home gym may be little more than a yoga mat and a few free weights, but this doesn’t mean that your winter workout has to suffer. While you probably spend the spring and summer months soaking up sunshine and taking part in recreational activities that are just as much fun as they are sweat-inducing and good for you, getting out and staying active when the weather turns frosty can seem next to impossible. Keep Reading


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There’s no doubt that trying to lose weight can be difficult, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. During the holidays, there seem to be temptations at every turn. Fortunately, it’s possible to stick to a good diet plan and still fully enjoy the festivities. Keep Reading


Many people take antibiotics to treat a variety of health issues, especially during the winter with the flu; however, while these antibiotics can be effective in destroying harmful bacteria, they can also destroy the good bacteria your body needs. A great way to replenish the good bacteria is by taking probiotics. Keep Reading


Staying Toned in the Winter

by Jackie on December 8, 2016

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If you’re trying to improve your endurance, tone up, build muscle, or your goal is simply to get back into shape for better health, there’s no doubt that a good exercise routine is going to be essential. Keep Reading


30 Night Diet

by Mel on December 1, 2016

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Readers experience with 30 Night Diet:

After I started taking 30 Night Diet, I was stunned to realize that I simply wasn’t craving as much food. Keep Reading


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An important part of any weight loss plan is to include some type of daily exercise. Whether you like to run on the treadmill or take a cardio class, keeping active will not only help you lose weight, but it can also keep you healthier and stronger. Keep Reading


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Losing weight shouldn’t mean depriving yourself of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. You’ll definitely need to watch your caloric intake, but there are many delicious foods that can fit into a healthy diet. Keep Reading