Recognizing the Best Carbonated Drink Substitutes

by David on October 2, 2012

Most carbonated drinks are bad for your health. If you insist on taking these dangerous concoctions, you may reduce the quality of your life at best. Carbonated drinks are bad for both short term health and long term health. This is why a lot of sensible people have wondered if the members of regulatory agencies for foods and beverages have lost their marbles.

A carbonated drink is simply a drink, which contains dissolved carbon dioxide. Some of the popular drinks in this category are Coke and Pepsi Cola. In case you begin to wonder why manufacturers of soft drinks will put a dangerous gas in their fizzy drinks, the carbon dioxide plays an important role in keeping the drinks fresh for those who enjoy drinking them. This gas prevents the growth of micro-organisms like yeast, molds and bacteria. Again, the carbon dioxide in most soft drinks gives these drinks that fizzy quality. Carbonated soft drinks are also called soda pop and they are very popular all over the world.

Now, you should not get the wrong impression here. The popularity of these drinks does not imply that these drinks are good for you. They are not and this is why a lot of experts in nutrition and medicine want people like you to switch to carbonated drink substitutes. It is not as if anybody is bent on giving carbonated drinks a bad name. The effects of carbonated drinks can speak for themselves. Most carbonated drinks contain caffeine and this substance is addictive. So, the first problem is that carbonated drinks can make you become an addict. This drink is also useless. Soda pop is just colored water, processed sugar and a bit of gas. It does not have any nutritional value so you are better off not drinking any.

Apart from being addictive, there are many other harmful effects of carbonated drinks. There is definitely a connection between obesity and carbonated drinks. These drinks are rich in empty calories so it is very easy for people who drink soda pop regularly to put on weight. In fact, some medical authorities believe that the growing epidemic of obesity in American can be blamed on the consumption of carbonated drinks.

Again, people who drink soda pop habitually are very likely to develop type2 diabetes. This is easy to understand because most of these drinks contain very high quantities of processed sugar. If you keep on loading your blood stream with processed sugar, your pancreas may begin to malfunction and this will increase the chances of developing type2 diabetes.

Apart from all the bad news above, carbonated drinks also contribute to the loss of calcium in the skeletal system. This weakens the bones and can lead to osteoporosis. Kids should not replace milk with soda pop in their growing years because it may cause problems later. Such children will wish they had taken more milk and less soda pop because milk and dairy products are sensible and safe carbonated drink substitutes.

If you have a habit of drinking carbonated drinks to excessive levels, there is more bad news for you. Consumption of carbonated drinks can lead dental carries and tooth erosion. These drinks can also lead to kidney damage, high blood pressure and liver disease. This is a long list of risk actors already so if you cannot do without soda pop, you need to think again. There are many good carbonated drink substitutes out there. All you need to do is break the soda pop habit and opt for healthy alternatives.

There are non-carbonated soft drinks in the market these day but these products may not do you any good. You need a clean break from these fizzy drinks so your best bet is drinks made from natural products. Low fat milk is an excellent choice. It contains calcium, it is natural and it is full of nutrients. Other excellent ideas are tea, home-made fruit juice and water.

In case you are tempted to go for energy drinks and sport drinks, you need to forget this idea. Some of these drinks may be called non-carbonated drinks but do not be deceived. Energy drinks and so- called sport drinks contain most of the same ingredients you are trying to avoid. These include sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors.

Finally, you need to understand that nothing can take the place of sensible eating and drinking habits. If you opt for carbonated drink substitutes like chocolate drinks and yogurt, you should not over dose on these drinks. Sure, milk is good for you but it can make you put on weight. Eat well, drink as much water as possible and get some exercise. This is the best way to stay in great shape for life.



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Nikki November 9, 2012 at 1:58 am

I was actually a Diet Coke addict for years when I was a personal trainer. I didn’t know it, though, until I went to visit my college roommate & her medical school hubby in San Antonio. About 11pm the first night I was there, I realized that the was no Diet Coke in their fridge. I announced that I was going to go take a walk to the nearest convenience store to buy some. The husband looked at me like I was crazy. “No one goes walking alone in this part of town!”, he said.” Especially a single woman!” He told me point blank that I was addicted to Diet Coke, but I didn’t believe him. How could someone be addicted to a soft drink! That’s crazy, I thought to myself. But the he explained it to me, and it was then, from that day forward, that I gave up drinking Diet Coke & any soda. Plus, who wants to give their hard earned money to a bog corporation like Coca Cola, a company who has been accused of horrendous things world wide. i don’t want support that at all. Today, I like sparkling water as a substitute.


Betsy October 30, 2012 at 4:06 am

Yes I agree with that a carbonated drink is simply a drink, which contains dissolved carbon dioxide. Some of the popular drinks in this category are Coke and Pepsi Cola. In case you begin to wonder why manufacturers of soft drinks will put a dangerous gas in their fizzy drinks, the carbon dioxide plays an important role in keeping the drinks fresh for those who enjoy drinking them. I think Horlicks Gold is also a good health drink.


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