Spring Cleaning

by Mel on March 18, 2014

Whether you buy new gear or not, you do need to inspect your home exercise equipment and make sure it’s safe, clean and in good working order every so often. Spring is a great time to tackle this project, especially if you haven’t used your equipment for a while.


Inspect your weights

Examine your dumbbells, barbells and any accessories for rust, holes or dirt and give them a good wipe down with a cleaning cloth or a damp towel.


Check your bands

If you use resistance bands, inspect each one for any tears or other problems. If you find any, throw the offending band away and replace it.


Examine your exercise ball

Don’t forget to check your exercise ball for holes or tears which could make the ball pop on you. Also check the inflation levels and if you find anything suspicious, get rid of it and get a new one.


Get large equipment serviced

If you have a gym machine, treadmill, or other machine, check the service schedule and have a technician come out if needed. At the very least, give your machine a thorough cleaning.


Clean your exercise space

If your workout room is in the basement, the area may need a good, thorough cleaning, dust and clean out cobwebs.


Toss useless gear

This is also a good time to toss or give away the equipment you’ve never used. If it’s in good condition, check with local secondhand fitness stores to see if they can use it or sell it in a garage sale. Save your space for items you actually use.



Tips on Buying New Gear


For people who do not have too much space, buy equipment that is inherently efficient like adjustable dumbbells, a bench, or treadmill that folds up and rolls away.


A few dumbbells and some exercise bands are probably the first basic items to purchase, followed by a flat or adjustable workout bench.


You can save a lot of money by NOT getting large equipment, but some people really do well watching TV while running on a treadmill or working out on an elliptical machine. However, you can just as easily get an iPod and hit the street for a walk or a run.


Look for deals on Craigslist or other secondhand stores or websites.  You can save money and if you decide that equipment is not for you, you can resell it and recoup most if not all of your costs.



Other Fitness Tips


A fan may be a good investment for a home gym to keep you comfortable.


Find a buddy to hold you accountable. Even if you don’t workout together, you can still be there to touch base and encourage each other.


Start off easy. Take a 30 minute walk every other day for a week. If that feels good, the next week, add in some squats, push-ups, and crunches.


Schedule your workouts.  Work on getting your workout time on your calendar. Pick days and times that really work best for you. Once it’s on your calendar, keep your commitment to yourself!



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