The 10 Minute Work Out: Creative Ways To Get Your Sweat On

by Rachelle on July 26, 2012

The daily grind is one of the most common reasons people give for passing up the grind at the gym. People are busy with work, school, taking care of children, running errands, driving kids and more. They have little time for a workout and they certainly do not have an hour or two to spare for a gym visit. If all that sounds familiar, then you may be in need of some 10 minute work out ideas. If you can find one to three times during your day to incorporate a 10 minute workout routine, then you can give your body a great jump start to fitness or weight loss goals.

The Power Walk

One of the easiest 10 minute workouts is the power walk. You do not need any special equipment and you do not need to travel anywhere. You can walk outside of your home, around your yard, around your office parking lot or building, in the shopping mall or up and down your stairs. The only suggestion for power walking is that you wear a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes to decrease the likelihood of injury. If you want to add muscle-toning to your walking workout, you can carry two small weights and move your arms as you walk. This also increases the amount of calories the workout burns.

The Quickie for Runners

Obviously, if you can manage a 10 minutes work out at a jog or run, you will burn more calories than walking. This is not a practical workout for everyone because running does require that you have tennis shoes and a proper environment. Running up and down your stairs or through your office building, for example, is not always appropriate. However, if you are a busy mom and your neighbor does not mind popping in for a few minutes to watch the baby, you could run around the block a few times to get your heart rate up.

Ten Minute Tone

Ten minutes is definitely enough to target an area of your body for toning. Again, you do not need special equipment or an expensive set of weights. All you need for this type of 10 minute work out is a little bit of time and some creative use of whatever space you happen to be in. If you are in the kitchen cooking, while you are waiting for the pasta to boil, do some arm curls using the can of tomato paste or sauce as the weight. While brushing your teeth, perform well controlled squats. You can tone your legs by doing leg lifts and lunges almost anywhere in your home. A great time to get a 10 minute workout like this in is during a favorite television program. The best part about toning a few key muscles during a fun sitcom or drama is that you are distracted by the program and will not even realize the work you are doing. Try to work a 10 minutes workout for toning into your daily routine a few times each day for the best results.

Power Aerobics

If you only have a few minutes, then you need to make them count. You can follow in the footsteps of popular fitness gurus like Jillian Michaels by performing short bursts of strength, cardio and abdominal exercises. Perform three minutes of strength training like push-ups, lunges or squats. If possible, use small weights or canned goods to perform arm strengthening exercises at the same time. Move into two minutes of cardio by running in place, doing jumping jacks or other high impact moves. Follow that by three minutes of various crunches for abdominal toning, then end with another two minutes of cardio. You will be surprised how much you feel it if you go strong all ten minutes and you will see results if you get a 10 minute work out in twice per day.

The 10 Minute Workout Journal

Challenge yourself to get a real workout every day for at least ten minutes and write down what you did. The only qualification is that you need to be a bit out of breath and at least starting to sweat at the end of those short minutes. You might carry several boxes out to the garage, take a few laps in the swimming pool, ride your bike, or shoot hoops with the neighbors. In fact, changing it up every day will give you more incentive to get the workout in. It becomes a game or challenge to see what other activity you can record in your journal. You might make it a point to get in the 10 minute work out every day for a month without ever repeating the same type of activity. Once you do that, then start out next month and do it all again!



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