The 15 Minute Holiday Exercise Plan

by Jackie on November 26, 2012

The holidays are upon us and it is so easy to push exercise to the backburner for the next few weeks.  This year try to stick to your plan to exercise throughout the holidays so you won’t have the usual New Year’s resolutions of “getting in shape,” “losing weight,” and “exercising.” You will have a better chance of sticking to your plan if you only have to commit yourself to 15 minutes of exercise.

You don’t need an hour of exercise each day to stay in shape.  To fit your workout in this holiday season just wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally would to squeeze in one of these 15 minute workouts!

The 15 Minute Treadmill Workout


Minutes 1 to 3: Walk

Suggested speed: 3.5 miles per hour

Incline: 0%

Tip: Use long strides and keep your chest lifted and abs engaged to maintain a healthy posture.


Minutes 4 to 5: Speed-Walk

Suggested speed: 4.0 mph

Incline: 0%

Tip: Help your body adjust to the faster pace by swinging your arms for momentum.


Minutes 6 to 8: Walk

Suggested speed: 3.5 mph

Incline: 4%

Tip: Inhale and exhale deeply while taking long strides.


Minutes 9 to 11: Walk

Suggested speed: 3.5 mph

Incline: 6%

Tip: Count aloud from 1 to 100 to build stamina, your heart and lungs work harder when you speak.


Minutes 12 to 13: Jog

Suggested speed: 4.5 mph

Incline: 4%

Tip: Land on the ball of each foot, this lessens the impact on your joints.


Minutes 14 to 15: Walk

Suggested speed: 3.5 mph

Incline: 0%

Tip: Lengthen your stride and roll from heel to toe with each step to work the entire lower leg.


The 15 Minute Exercise Ball Workout


Move 1: Triceps Dip

Sit on a workout bench or a stable chair with your hands placed on the edge and fingers pointing forward. Rest calves and ankles on top of the ball and straighten your arms lifting your hips off the bench. Bend your arms to lower your body and straighten to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.


Move 2: Lower-Ab Crunch

Lie on your back with arms beside you and calves on the ball. Lift your backside up without arching your back keeping abdominals tight for support. Then bend your knees and roll the ball toward you with your feet until your feet are flat on top of the ball. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.


Move 3: Plank

Assume the top of a push-up position but rest your forearms on the ball. Keep your abs strong and your neck in line with your spine. Hold for 30-45 seconds.


Move 4: Crunch

Lie on the ball with your middle back resting on top of the ball. Keep arms straight and palms on your upper thighs. Slowly curl your upper body forward keeping your hands on your thighs. Lower to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.


Move 5: Shoulder Curl and Press

Hold the ball out in front of you with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep arms straight and bring the ball down to your thighs. Bend your elbows and curl the ball up to eye level. Press the ball up at a 45-degree angle until your arms are fully extended. Return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.


Move 6: Side Squat

Hold the ball above your head with your arms straight and feet shoulder width apart. Keep your back flat and abs tight as you bend your knees and twist your torso to lower the ball toward your left foot. Return to the center with the ball overhead and twist to the right side. Repeat 15 times.


Repeat the entire sequence two more times (three times total).


15 Minute Abs Workout


Move 1: Plank with Glute Squeeze

Get on the floor and prop yourself up on your forearms. Your body should form a straight line. Keep abs and glutes tight. Hold this for 15 seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Move 2: Oblique V-Up

Lie on your left side with legs angled 30 degrees from your hips. Rest your left arm on the floor and put your right hand behind your head. Lift your straight legs off the floor bringing your torso toward your legs. Slowly return to starting position. Do 20-25 reps on each side.


Move 3: Rotating Superwoman

Lie on your back with arms extended overhead and legs straight. Tighten your core and raise your shoulders and legs about six inches off the ground and hold for 15 seconds. Next, roll onto your belly keeping your arms and legs off the ground as if you’re flying. Hold for 15 seconds and then roll back. Repeat 5 times.


Move 4: Rock ‘n’ Raise

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, knees pointed outward, and soles of your feet touching. Stay in this pose while slowly raising your legs until your toes are pointed toward the ceiling and your hips are slightly off the floor. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat 20-25 times.


Repeat the circuit so you do two sets of each move resting for 30 seconds between each exercise.


For more quick workouts, check out last week’s blog post titled, “At Home Circuit Workouts” which includes quick cardio circuit routines that can be done at home!



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