The Almost All Organic Diet For Healthier Eating Choices

by Wendy on July 25, 2012

If you participate in any sort of social media or read news articles online, you have probably stumbled across apocalyptic-sounding articles declaring the health risks of common food. Fast food may be filled with something known as pink slime, corn is full of genetically modified poison and the apple you bought yesterday may be covered in a wealth of cancer-causing chemicals. Although that outlook is a bit extreme, the truth is that some processed and corporately grown foods are bad for you.

An all organic diet cuts out unnatural chemicals that many believe cause cancer and other illnesses. However, for those who find the all or none route too extreme or too expensive, there is a way to create an organic diet plan without going full out in the specialty grocery store.

First, you should understand that organic diets will not automatically help you lose weight. You can eat all-organic and still consume a great deal of calories. Healthy eating and weight loss is all about making good choices, and that is true no matter where you buy your groceries. This article provides a few tips for incorporating organic foods into your standard diet without breaking the bank.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Not all organics are created equally, and if you cannot afford to move to an all organic diet, then you need to prioritize certain foods. With any diet, you will what to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce offers a low calorie way to obtain abundant forms of vitamins, minerals and energy provision. This is one area of your diet you will want to go organic, because you will be getting food that has a reduced or absent chemical imprint. When you buy certified organic produce, you can rest assured that the plants are not genetically modified and were grown without harsh pesticides.

Be careful when adding fruits and veggies to your organic diet plans. Know that organic and all-natural are not the same thing. Buy products that features the USDA Organic approval label. An easy way to determine if produce is organic is to look at the labeling sticker. In most grocery stores, produce contains an identification label with a four or five digit number. Standard numbers begin with four. Organic produce will always sport a five digit number that begins with nine.

Organic Meat

Another area where organic diet weight loss can be impacted is through meat. Many people reduce red meat portions or remove them completely when they are on a diet. Red meat traditionally comes with a higher fat content and is not good for cholesterol. Organic, grass-fed red meat, however, is an excellent food in moderate portions and does not have the grain induced fat and calories of bulk beef. Free range chicken and eggs and wild caught fish are all other ways to incorporate healthy, chemical free proteins into your diet.

One reason many people do not add more free range or grass fed meats to their organic diets is that it can be expensive. A pound of grass fed ground beef in a standard grocery store can cost two to three times more than regular ground beef. In order to get this type of meat at a lower cost, you can search your area for local beef farmers. They will often sell quarter or half cows at butcher time. Look for a seller who will butcher the meet and provide a variety of cuts. You can often get steak, ground beef and roast for three to five dollars a pound.

Organic Dairy

Another area of the grocery store you should consider going all organic in is the dairy aisle. Milk, butter, and cheese should all be real and chemical free.  Some of these chemicals can affect your body functions, including the functionality that breaks down, stores and uses food. By reducing foreign chemicals, you can allow your body to perform naturally and may see an increase in your ability to shed pounds.

Of course, simply switching to an all organic diet will not automatically allow you to shed weight. You can get organic cookies, ice cream and other fatty foods that boost your calorie intake. You can also overindulge in low fat meat, fruits and other items if you do not follow a proper diet plan. Organic diet weight loss is only possible when you make good eating decisions, practice will power over your diet and engage in sustained aerobic exercise several times a week or more. Eating organic and healthy foods may provide more energy and help you feel better, so you will be more likely to make these choices and get your exercise on a regular basis.



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