The Beauty Of The 6 Week Diet Plan

by Mel on July 22, 2012

6 week diet program

A sensible diet plan needs to take a bit of time because there is no magic wand for dieters. If you understand this already, then you can work out your diet plan and follow the plan judiciously. After a period of six weeks, you may surprise yourself because you will get amazing results from the 6 week diet plan.

Now, the first thing you need to realize is that the plan is for six weeks. That means you have forty two days for the 6 week diet. You may look at it the time frame as being relatively short but the point is that six weeks is actually one whole month plus two weeks. If you use the time properly you can achieve a lot with the 6 week diet program.

Like every other diet and exercise program, 6 week diet plans depend on the will power and the self-discipline of the person involved. The first step is to set your goals. For good measure, write out your goals clearly on a sheet of paper and place it where you can see it every day. This will give an explicit idea of what you intend to achieve and this will motivate you to work towards your goal.

By now, you probably know that a diet plan without an exercise plan will not cut the mustard. This means that your 6 week diet is actually a 6 week diet and exercise program. Dieting and exercise need to be carried out simultaneously for best results. Now, all the theories are in place so the next step is to get into the practical aspects of the 6 week diet.


There is a strong connection between what you eat and the size of your waist line. Everybody knows this so you need to start the diet program by cutting out all the things which are likely to make you put on weight. One thing you can do immediately is to cut out soft drinks entirely. These fizzy drinks contain nothing but sugar. They have no nutritional value yet they contain a lot of empty calories. Cut out soft drinks and drink water instead and you will see immediate results.


In six weeks, you will lose a lot of weight if you plan things the right way. In fact, your best bet is to make a short term plan and a long term plan. Your short term plan is to lose weight and get into shape in just six weeks. After you get used to this to this plan, your next move will be to stick to this sensible diet for life. There is no point in changing a winning formula so think long term and you will get the perfect result.

You have probably heard a lot about the Mediterranean diet. This is the model you need to use for the 6 week diet because it works. You will not have to starve and you will not have to eat bland and tasteless concoctions. On the other hand, you will eat well and you will eat delicious meals too. As you do this, you are losing weight because you are eating foods which are purely natural. The great thing about this diet is that there will not be extra calories which can be stored as fat deposits.

The specifics of the Mediterranean program include the following. Cut out all canned and bottled foods entirely and eat only fresh foods. Replace beef and pork with chicken and fish. Even that, do not fry your fish and chicken because too much oil is bad for your weight loss plan. Cut out butter and margarine entirely too. These are not good for people on the six week diet because they contain plenty of fat. Eat plant foods like rice, beans, legumes and nuts. Eat whole grains and avoid all forms of processed flour. Avoid beer and other alcoholic drinks. If you really need a cold drink, iced tea is the perfect drink for you. For snacks, a hand full of nuts or berries will do. Also find a way to include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet. These are purely natural and they are very nourishing.

While you are on this diet, you will have to exercise on a regular basis. Remember that you do not need to overdo things. Your primary consideration is to get moving and to burn fat. There is no law against exercises which are fun and can help you to lose weight into the bargain. Get an active dog and run around your neighborhood with it. Use skipping ropes every evening. This is a potent fat burner and it is fun too. Swim three times a week and use the treadmill in your house.

After six weeks of this program, you will discover amazing changes. By now you are used to this lifestyle of sensible diet and regular exercise. You can simply make it a habit and you are made for life. This is the beauty of the 6 week diet plan.



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