The Lemon Detox: How To Do It And Why It Works

by Wendy on August 7, 2012

Upon beginning a new diet, you generally have to keep at it and just wait a little while before you see any results. This is due in large part to the fact that your body is filled with the toxins and impurities that accumulate simply from the stresses of everyday life. When you cut out all the sodas, unhealthy foods you’ve been scarfing, and all-around bad habits and start putting wholesome foods and less calories into your system, your body first has to purge itself of all those built-up toxins before it can begin to function properly and burn excess fat successfully.

You can jump start your diet by preceding it with a good natural detoxifying formula. The lemon detox, also known as the maple syrup detox, which you may have heard of before, is just such a detoxifying cleanse. The lemon detox diet consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper or ginger, maple syrup, and water. Cayenne pepper, lemons, and natural tree syrup are all widely renowned as foods that encourage the release of toxins from the body. The lemon juice’s natural acidity promotes detoxification. It works to break up the already-present unnecessary fat deposits in your body. The cayenne pepper (or ginger depending on your preference) acts as a metabolism booster to speed up the breakdown and elimination of toxins and waste.

It probably sounds weird to put maple syrup into a diet drink. After all, it is filled with sugar and you are used to avoiding sweets and sugary drinks while dieting, right? The sugar in the syrup provides you with much-needed energy during your detox and helps to control your appetite. The water-base for the detox keeps you hydrated and ensures that the essential nutrients from the mixture are absorbed directly into the bloodstream for maximum utilization. So, consuming the maple syrup in your lemon detox drink is a lot different from eating a piece of cake that is filled with all those empty calories and unhealthy fat content that your digestive system then has to process.

The lemon detox diet drink performs some essential functions while you abstain from putting more food and toxins into your body.

• It provides the necessary nutrients that your body needs to function properly, including calcium and zinc.
• It provides the liquid medium that your body needs in order to flush out the toxins as it breaks them down.
• It supports a healthy biochemical equilibrium within your cells and tissues that assists in effective cell regeneration.
• It takes all the burden of digesting food off of your digestive system so that it can quickly and efficiently purge itself of impurities.
• It provides a source of energy and appetite-control during your break from your normal eating habits.

The Original Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Mix two tablespoons of lemon (or lime, whichever you prefer), two tablespoons of genuine maple syrup, and one tenth of a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper (or ginger) with ten ounces of water. The water can be hot or cold according to your preference. You should drink the mixture a minimum of six times a day for ten days. You should also mix up a glass of the “lemonade” and drink it every time you start to feel hunger pangs. Keeping your appetite at bay is essential so that you are not tempted to stray. It is highly recommended that you take a laxative every morning and every evening during the lemon detox program. This will aid in the complete flushing of the intestinal walls and improve both your detoxifying and weight loss results during and after the detox.

One important thing to remember after completing the lemon detox is that your body is now at a very different stage than it was prior to the detox. The foods you ate before detoxing are much too harsh to introduce to your newly cleansed digestive system. You have to slowly introduce the food back into your diet. Start with things like fruit juice and foods that are not very heavy (think the kind of stuff you eat after you have been sick and you do not want to put your body through too much too soon and end up slowing down recovery). Then, slowly increase your intake of regular foods one day at a time.

For example, the original lemon detox program suggests drinking only orange juice on your first day off of the detox. On day two you can start consuming vegetable-based broths and soups. On day three you can start eating solid fruits and vegetables, being careful to consume lots of water and not to eat too much. Avoid eggs, fish, meat, and milk and slowly ease yourself into a normal, nutrient-rich diet.

The lemon detox can stand alone. You do not have to “diet” afterward to achieve the cleansing results, but why undo all the hard work? By slowly introducing only healthy foods back into your diet and making it a point not to overeat (just because it’s yummy does not mean you have to keep eating it; stop eating when you feel full regardless of how much is left!), you can shed some serious pounds and create fabulous eating habits that will keep your body on its newfound wholesome path.



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Gretchen August 19, 2012 at 10:53 pm

It does take effort to complete the lemonade detox, but the results are well worth it. A lot of times dieters lose hope after the first few days because of bloating and other symptoms, which are key signs that the body is detoxifying. After the hump period around day 4, that is when the body starts expelling more waste and ridding itself of water it’s been storing, so you’ll see the pounds start coming off.


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