Weight Loss Testimonials October 2012

by CB Blog Team on October 12, 2012

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Testimonial 1: Courtney Wigley

I have always struggled to maintain a healthy weight, starting from the pre-teen years. I became pregnant in 2009 and gave birth to my first son in February 2010. I knew shedding the 62 pounds I gained wasn’t going to be easy, but I had no idea how hard it would be. I have been a blogger for about a year now, and when the opportunity came to try out Creative Bioscience’s hCG1234 I jumped at the chance! I was prepared for the strict diet and knew that with hard work and patience I would see results. I certainly have, and I could not be happier!! I started at 180 lbs and in my first 6 week cycle I lost 20 lbs! I took my scheduled 3 week break and last week I started my next 6 week cycle. I am VERY PROUD to say I did not gain a pound during my break, nor did I loose any, but hey I am happy either way!! Since starting back last week I have lost 5 more pounds so I am well on my way to my Goal Weight of 140! I have never seen results like these before.

P.S. I haven’t worn those shorts since 2008!! I am back in them now!!

Testimonial 2: Traci

I started out a Very Hopeful skeptic but turned into an Extremely Satisfied Believer. My journey began March 24, 2012 with the 2 loading days, This is Very Important do not skip these days or you will not be able to stick with this program, at the beginning of phase 2 I weighed 341.5lbs & pre-diabetes, first week weight loss 18lbs.The first few days I did experience a slight headache but by the beginning of the 2nd week I was fine, it is important to load with high fat foods also as in my 2nd & 3rd rounds I had no headache, I did a 6week round & walked a few days out of the week, nothing fast or strenuous but enough to get my heart pumping a little faster, & I lost 51.5lbs.
During my 3 weeks stabilization I upped the intensity of my walking & had wonderful cheese back on my life but the important thing was moderation & I kept the weight off.

P2R2–Only a 3week round this time as I had a family get together, a wedding & a high school graduation party after loading days start weight 299lbs but I lost 14.5lbs the first week total weight loss 25lbs not bad for 3 weeks.
During the P3R2 stabilization there was a week where I didn’t have a scale but I maintained as normal a menu for this phase as possible & gained 1.5lbs, I cheated & tasted the cakes & ice cream, back but as soon as I was home, I didn’t eat any sugar, my family was very supportive & made sure I stuck to my diet & didn’t get side tracked but desserts. More Importantly I didn’t want anymore sugary treats and I use to be a junk food junkie!
At a three month checkup with my doctor I was no longer at risk of developing diabetes since I had lost so much weight.

P2R3— another 6 week round begin weight 273lbs after loading days, they get harder to do because you realize I don’t want that junk in my body! I had to up my drops from 10drops 3x a day to 13drops 3x a day by the end of this round. I also joined a gym & upped my calories from 500 to between 800-1000. Lost 31.7lbs this last round & will continue to follow my new lifestyle,NOTE this is not a diet but a new way of Life, if you think you can revert to your old habits then you will continue to have yoyo weight loss & gain cycles.

After three successful rounds I have lost a total of 98.1lbs it took two weeks on the stabilization phase but I reached the 100lbs lost milestone on September 1st, 2012.

Thank you for giving me my life back Hcg1234!

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Cyndi November 5, 2012 at 11:52 am

Congratulations to Traci! She is the winner of the October Testimonial Contest! Good luck in your further success Traci!


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