It’s that time of year again…when we all start to think more about getting healthy and making positive changes in our lives.  These changes don’t have to be major adjustments to see the positive results you’re looking for.  Sometimes just making a few key “tweaks” to our routine and focusing on health is the simple way to secure lasting change.

Here are some simple ideas to help you detox from your previous unhealthy habits and start on a new path with a bit of help from a few supplements shown to provide positive results:

  1. Stop Eating Processed Foods: items like packaged meals, “easy-prep starters”, canned or bagged foods, etc.  These need to be gone from your options list.  Eat whole foods…like they appear in nature.  I realize this isn’t always possible but it will provide you with the best nutrition and aid in your healthy journey.  Frozen whole foods are fine since they’re frozen at their peak of freshness but canned alternatives usually contain too much sodium and/or sugar to make them a healthy option.
  2. Meal-Prep & Planning Ahead is Key: If you plan ahead and fix all you can ahead of needing it you’re much more likely to be successful.  It’s when we are hungry and want something simple RIGHT NOW that we all get into trouble.  Shop for the week and prepare cooked items during the weekend and all week lunch and dinner will be an easier time to control what you eat.
  3. Avoid Most Carbohydrates: If you can avoid “the whites” of the carb world you will be doing yourself a favor.  Items like white rice, white flour, white potatoes, white sugar…these are all stumbling blocks to not only weight loss but good health.
  4. Drink Plenty of Water: Keeping well hydrated helps you not only stay full but aids your body in functioning properly and keeps you feeling well.  Plain water is best, but tea can be beneficial as well.  Watch out for too much caffeine though, avoid all soda (even diet), limit coffee to one cup a day, and don’t substitute sparkling water or “enhanced” water (vitamin water, sports drinks, etc.) for the plain stuff.
  5. Be Mindful of How & What You’re Eating: Sometimes we’re in a hurry and just shovel food down or don’t even pay attention to how much we actually consume.  Try eating slowly and maybe even writing down what you ate and the portion size…even what time you felt hungry and actually ate something.  Patterns begin to emerge when you do this so you can see if you need more to eat at certain times so you’re not absolutely starving later on.  Also, protein keeps us full and provides energy so look at how much you’re actually getting and make any adjustments to keep an even energy level all day long and not get so ravenous later on.

Here are some supplements that might give you that little bit of extra willpower and possibly fill in the gaps of your diet to get you the results you’re looking for:

1234 Diet Drops Extreme:  This formula helps support appetite control and metabolism to assist with weight management as well as work together to provide beneficial elements that are known to support natural body functions related to weight loss and management beyond dieting.     

 Garcinia Cambogia 1234:  This formula can be beneficial for weight loss by assisting with appetite suppression and increased thermogenesis (fat oxidation). It may also control cravings by boosting serotonin levels in your brain, which may make you feel less hungry.

eAC (Energy Appetite Control):  This product aids in boosting energy levels and metabolism while assisting in appetite control.


Yoga poses for stress reduction

by Michelle on December 19, 2018

Since the Holidays are upon us it’s the season to be stressed!  If you can carve out a minute for yourself from the hustle and bustle try some simple yoga poses to help reduce your stress level and maybe enjoy the festivities a bit more.

Check out the website for step-by-step instructions on how to do these and many more poses:

Child’s Post:  quiets the mind and eases stress; benefits the nervous system and lymphatic system.

Bridge Pose:  provides gentle stretching of the back and legs, reduces anxiety, fatigue, backaches, headaches, and insomnia; may be therapeutic for high blood pressure.

Standing Forward Bend:  stretches the hamstrings, thighs, and hips; thought to relieve stress, fatigue, and mild depression.

Corpse Pose:  puts the body at ease and emphasizes total relaxation; can trigger a state of deep rest that slows breathing, lowers blood pressure, and quiets the nervous system.

Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose:  Helps reduce stress, and helps renew blood and lymphatic drainage back into the heart area.

Cat Pose:  Soothes and stretches the lower back, and relieves stress while massaging the spine.

Cow Pose:  Gently warms the spine, relieves stress and calms the mind; massages and stimulates the organs and creates emotional balance.

Dolphin Pose:  Quiets the mind, alleviates stress, and reduces anxiety; stretches the shoulders, neck, and spine.

Head-To-Knee Forward Bend:  Calms the mind, helps relieve mild depression, anxiety, fatigue, headache, menstrual discomfort, and insomnia.

Easy Pose:  Promotes inner calm, opens the hips, lengthens the spine, and increases serenity; eliminates anxiety, and relieves physical and mental exhaustion.

Sometimes more than breathing or a nap is needed to help us calm down.  Yoga is a good way to restore some balance and serenity to your life when things seem hectic and out of control.  Whatever fitness level you might be on there is a yoga pose and an adaptation you can do for stress relief.


New Diet Protocols

by Michelle on December 13, 2018

We now have a Lifestyle page on our website that not only gives you the information for our 1234 Diet but also outlines the Ketogenic Diet as well as the Paleolithic Diet.  Along with food choices and nutritional information for these diets you can also learn about how Intermittent Fasting can work for you.

You will find the informative Lifestyle page under the header “1234 Diet” on our website or at the bottom of our website’s home page by clicking on “Diet Protocols”…but here is the link to that page as well:


Happy Pets…Happy Holidays!

by Michelle on December 5, 2018

If you’re like me you just can’t believe it’s already December 1st!  Maybe you’ve waited until now to put up your decorations or perhaps they’ve been up for a while.  Whichever applies, if you have pets this means there is some important information you need to be aware of.

Pets of all types need to be considered both for safety as well as comfort when it comes to the holidays.  Here is a list of the main items to be aware of as well as some treats that we might love but must be kept away from our pets:

  1. Christmas Trees: Cats can climb up the trunk of the tree and dogs might try to jump up and get ornaments (or the climbing cat), knocking over the tree and injuring themselves.  Also, if you have a live tree the water basin it sits in poses another hazard.  Many times adding a preservative to the water keeps the tree fresh longer but is poisonous to pets who might drink it.
  2. Imitation Snow: Also called “flocking”…is poisonous and can flake off, falling to the floor where it’s easily ingested.
  3. Edible Ornaments: Cookies, cranberry and/or popcorn garlands, candy canes, etc. all are alluring to pets and pose a possible toxic problem.  Be sure to put them high up on the tree (out of reach) if you do wish to use them.
  4. Tinsel: Whether you like the single shiny strands or a garland it needs to be kept far away from pets.  It’s toxic and can clog their intestines and lead to poisoning.
  5. Light Strands: Keep lights out of reach since both cats and dogs might love to chew on the cords, posing an electrocution problem as well as a toxic hazard.
  6. Plants/Flowers: Poinsettia, Holly, Mistletoe, Christmas Cactus, English Ivy, and Amaryllis are considered toxic and result in gastrointestinal irritation & depression of the central nervous system.  They can even cause death.
  7. Foods: Chocolate, onions, garlic, chives, grapes, raisins, most nuts (especially macadamia nuts), and dairy can cause everything from mild irritation to a fatal toxic reaction.

Our pets, like small children, are naturally curious and tend to put everything into their mouths.  Keeping them safe needs to be a priority and keeping them stress-free is also important.  This time of year there is more clutter in the house with the decorations and sometimes extra people so be aware of the stress that the altered surroundings and visitors can pose.  Pets can stay safe with some planning and hopefully stay calm when they’re needs are considered.  These things can make them more pleasant when socializing with house guests and save you from some stress as well.


EXTREME 4 – pack on sale!

by Michelle on November 28, 2018

Creative Bioscience would like to thank you for being a loyal customer, so we’re extending our Cyber Monday sales until December 2nd.

If you haven’t tried our new 1234 diet drops EXTREME or are already a fan, we invite you to to take advantage of our special pricing on 4 bottles at $89.84, a savings of $150

This supplement is GREAT for appetite suppression whether you’re dieting or just trying to not overindulge this Holiday Season!  Use it alone or with a diet of your choosing and see positive results.


With tomorrow being a HUGE “food holiday” you’re most likely going to have some leftovers that will be round two of the Thanksgiving feast.  If you don’t want to have the same dishes a second day then here are some healthy ideas for leftovers that should help keep you full and feeling well.

These sites offer a variety of leftover ideas that can be made “as-is” or with simple healthy substitutions to keep your diet on track:

Some simple healthy substitutions that still taste great:

  1. Serve yogurt based dips and raw vegetables instead of full-fat dips with cheese and crackers
  2. Opt for wine spritzers instead of other higher calorie options
  3. Have white meat instead of dark to save some fat and calories
  4. Make your own stuffing/dressing so you can control the ingredients
  5. Roast vegetables instead of cooking then in a sugary sauce
  6. Make low-fat gravy with broth, herbs, and non-fat milk
  7. Skip cranberry “sauce” and have cranberry “relish” instead
  8. Eat fresh green beans lightly sautéed in a little bit of butter with sliced onions and almonds
  9. Try having whole wheat rolls instead of white
  10. Avoid calorie laden pecan or fruit pies and have pumpkin pie

No matter what you eat tomorrow keep in mind that moderation is the key to sustained weight loss and enjoy time with family, friends, and good food.  Happy Thanksgiving!


What holiday doesn’t involve food?  Well, this Thursday is a MAJOR food holiday and with it the potential to really undo any healthy eating plan you’ve diligently devoted yourself to.  There are, however, some simple “swaps” for the common dishes of the Thanksgiving meal that aren’t too difficult to make and still taste delicious.  With a little bit of preparation and some creativity you can lessen the fat and calories you consume and still enjoy all the flavor and variety.

Here are some simple trade-offs to aid in the swap:

Swap This…                                                    For This…

Dark Meat Turkey (fried w/skin)                    White Meat Turkey (baked, skinless)

Traditional Cornbread Stuffing                       Seasoned Bread Stuffing (w/lighter bread & broth)

Sweet Potatoes (w/marshmallows)                Baked Sweet Potatoes (w/pecans)

Green Bean Casserole (w/cream soup)         Sautéed Green Beans (w/fried onions)

Mashed Potatoes (w/heavy dairy)                 “Light” Mash Potatoes (w/lt. dairy & Greek yogurt)

Pre-Made Cranberry Sauce (canned, etc.)    Fresh Cranberry Sauce (w/O.J., zest & min. sugar)

White Dinner Rolls                                            Whole-Wheat Rolls (or rye bread)

Pecan Pie (w/whipped cream)                         Pumpkin Pie (very minimal/no whipped cream)

Wine (red, white, blush, etc.)                           Wine Spritzer (make 1/3 of the glass club soda)

Eggnog (even “light” varieties)                        Cider (seasoned apple juice…beware of sugars)

These are just a few suggestions to help you keep with your commitment to healthy eating and not overloading unnecessarily.  You can always just have different food selections all together (Brussels sprouts for green beans, mashed cauliflower for potatoes, no stuffing, no rolls, no dessert, water only, etc.) but if you don’t wish to go that extreme I hope the above list helps make things a bit healthier.

As always, portion control is crucial and drinking plenty of water can help with overeating.  Remember to not drink too many calories (soda, juice, or alcohol) and be aware of any appetizers (chips, dips, finger foods, etc.) that add to the calorie count.  Also, watch out for sauces, toppings, and gravies that can easily derail your best efforts in other areas.

If you have any questions or need more suggestions please contact our Support Department either by phone at 1-877-744-1224 or by email at for assistance.


Everyone knows all too well that the key to weight loss and weight maintenance is not eating too much…easier said than done!  So, appetite suppression is vital to keep the pounds from piling on, especially when tempted to overindulge.  Whether it’s a special occasion, the holidays, or just needing that comfort food to soothe your soul, controlling your appetite is very important but usually difficult.

Well, I might have something that could make appetite suppression easier than exercising a lot of willpower.  We have our diet drops…hcg1234, 1234 Diet Drops, and Diet Drops Extreme to the rescue!  Yes, all three of these are diet products that do require adherence to a specific diet to see surprising weight loss, but they all have a very strong appetite suppressive quality that curbs the appetite and allows you to eat less…especially Extreme.

So, if you’re looking to lose a good amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time be sure to strictly follow the protocol and diet outlined on our website for these products. However, if you need something that really suppresses your appetite no matter what diet you’re doing, or even if you’re not dieting at all, give any of our drops a try and see how easy it is to refrain.  The Extreme in particular, with a sweeter glycerin base and three times the ingredients, can help you control your hunger to the point that you might even forget to eat sometimes!

As always, please review the ingredients with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure it’s advisable for you to use our products and enjoy eating healthy foods and being active for the healthiest you!


With the flu running rampant throughout the country, and the virulent strain affecting so many, it’s more important than ever to practice good virus prevention.  Growing up my family always had the mantra “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that’s never been more applicable than now.

Here are some suggestions for mitigating the inevitable contact you will have with these viruses and the ill people carrying them:

Wash your hands:  Every time you shake someone’s hand wash yours!  In fact, wash your hands often regardless to get rid of as many germs as possible.

Don’t touch your face:  Touching your eyes, nose, or mouth are the ways germs get into your system.  These sebaceous glands are the quickest way to introduce germs into the body so avoid touching them and increase your chances of staying healthy.

Eat healthy:  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean protein to support your immune system.  It’s a lot easier than fighting off an illness.

Stay hydrated:  Be sure to increase your fluid intake (water mainly) and limit excess sugary drinks and empty calorie selections.  Dehydration is taxing on the body and can weaken the immune system.

Get quality rest & sleep more:  Give your body a chance to fight off germs by not burning the candle at both ends.  Resting and getting plenty of restorative sleep (at least 8 hours) is vital to maintaining a healthy body and supporting your immune system.

Get some exercise:  Get your heart pumping and work up a sweat to enhance healthy immune function.  It’s also a part of keeping your body running at optimal levels.

Stay away from symptomatic people:  Keep your distance from people who are sneezing, coughing, and generally looking unwell.  It seems obvious but keeping a safe distance goes a long way in preventing illness.

Sanitize yourself:  Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wipes can really help keep you healthy.  Not only clean your hands but also things like your cell phone, stationary phone, tv remote, door knobs, faucets, cabinet & refrigerator handles, steering wheel & dashboard controls, along with any “community surfaces” (both at home and at work) that are suspect.

Practicing some good prevention techniques goes a long way in staying healthy.  It’s a frightening thought how many people we come in contact with on a daily basis and then come home to our loved ones, possibly carrying some dangerous germs.  Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy with some of these necessary things and enjoy your illness-free winter!


Here is a list of some popular Halloween candy that outlines the calories and sugar content to “hopefully” help you mitigate any damage you might do tonight…and the coming days of candy overload!

  • Almond Joy, Snack Size – 80 calories, 8 g sugar
  • Butterfinger, Fun Size – 100 calories, 10 g sugar
  • Gummie Bears (Haribo) – 8 pieces, around 65 calories, 21 g sugar, and make sure to brush teeth well after gummy bears.
  • Heath Bar, Snack Size – 76 calories, and 9 g sugar
  • Hershey Kisses – Average 25 calories and 2 – 3 g sugar each kiss
  • Hershey’s Miniature Bars – Average  42 calories and 4 g sugar each bar
  • Jolly Rancher – For the kids who like candy with pucker power, a serving of three Jolly Ranchers is only 70 calories, 0 g of fat and 11 g of sugar. 
  • Kit Kat, Fun size – 60 calories and 6 g sugar
  • Peanut M & Ms – Speaking of chocolate morsels, a fun size pouch comes in at 93 calories, but the kiddos are getting some protein here. The serving has 5 g of fat and 9 g of sugar.
  • Peeps – No, we’re not talking leftover chicks here. Halloween brings out the pumpkin variety. They come in way low on the calorie counter, but they’re basically a handful of sugar. One peep has just 16 calories, no fat and 3.5 calories.
  • Pixie Sticks vs. Candy Corn – Almost equal calories, 0 calories from fat, but 7 pixie sticks is healthier than 20 pieces of candy corn which weigh in at 147 calories.
  • Pop Rocks vs. Almond Joy – A package of Pop Rocks has just 25 calories compared to 80 calories for a mini-Almond Joy or Mounds.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Snack Size – 110 calories, 11 g sugar per peanut butter cup
  • Skittles, Fun Size – 60 calories, 11 g sugar
  • Smarties – 1 roll, 25 calories, 6 g sugar
  • Snickers, Fun Size – 80 calories, 4 g of fat and 8 g of sugar
  • Sour Patch Kids, Mini Bag – 50 calories, 10 g sugar
  • Starburst, Fun Size – 2 candies, 40 calories, 6 g sugar
  • Three Musketeers Minis – The fun size bar has less calories and fat than many other chocolate bars, just 64 calories, 2 g of fat and 11 g of sugar.
  • Tootsie Pops & Charms Blow Pops – The treat has lasting value—if you don’t bite into it, that is. The pops have 60 calories, 0 g of fat, but 10 – 13 g of sugar.
  • Tootsie Roll Midgee – This chocolaty treat comes in at 23 calories. At 3 g of fat and 20 g of sugar, six Tootsie Roll Midgees have a few less calories than 8 Starbursts.
  • Twix Minis –1 bar, 50 calories, 5 g sugar
  • Twizzlers (Strawberry Twists) – 2 pieces, 50 calories and 6 g sugar
  • York Peppermint Patty – If the minty taste is too much for your kids, you may be tempted to snitch this one from the goody bag. Watch the calories, though—all 140 of them in a full-size patty. It has 3 g of fat and 25 g of sugar. Jr. Mints, Snack Size are a better choice at 80 calories and 14 g sugar.