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rCC 1234® (Rapid Colon Cleanse)

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Rapid Colon Cleanse (rCC) 1234® is a potent blend of clinically supported botanical ingredients including Psyllium Husk, Ginger Root, Senna Leaf, and Apple Fiber. This formulation of healthy all-natural ingredients is designed to complement your normal digestive chemistry and enhance metabolic function. Dieters testify that pre-diet cleansing improves diet results, and occasional use as needed keeps things moving.

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Product Description

rCC 1234® is an all natural, 4-day, rapid colon cleanse specially tailored to the needs of hCG dieters, and it complements other diets as well. It contains no additives, fillers, sugars, or starches that could contribute to weight gain instead of weight loss. rCC 1234® is designed to be safe to take during ANY phase of the hCG diet.

Its purposes are to help detoxify the body of chemicals and wastes that have accumulated in your gastrointestinal system, boost your energy and metabolism during your diet program, and help you start your diet with a fresh system for easier weight loss. To get the most from your current diet or just to start feeling regular again, try Rapid Colon Cleanse 1234® today.

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Customer Q and A

When can I take rCC 1234®?

Anytime, even during Phase 2 of the hCG diet protocol (take half the daily dose) when regularity sometimes becomes an issue because less food is moving through the digestive system during the low calorie diet. For even greater support and better results on the hCG diet, rCC 1234® can be taken 4 days before the hCG diet to thoroughly cleanse the colon of plaque and toxins and allow your body to show its peak performance as you begin to create the new you.

Will I receive instructions with my order of rCC 1234®?

Of course. With your order of any of Creative Bioscience's excellent line of superior weight loss products, you will receive a comprehensive instruction booklet. You also have access to educational materials on, and 24/7 unlimited support from our staff of caring, trained diet experts at (877) 744-1224, or you may email us at with any questions or concerns.

Can I take rCC 1234® instead of hCG diet drops as support during the hCG diet protocol?

No, rCC 1234® is designed to work together with quality hCG 1234® diet drops from Creative Bioscience as a premium colon cleanse to assist in restoring colon health.

How many days does it take to complete the rCC 1234® protocol?

It takes only 4 days to complete the rCC 1234® protocol. After completing the rCC 1234® cleanse, customers testify to feeling healthier, lighter, and revived.

Is the rCC 1234® premium colon cleanse dangerous?

Use rCC 1234® as directed. Before beginning any type of colon cleanse or diet, you should always check with your doctor.

Will I lose weight taking rCC 1234®?

During the cleanse your body is ridding itself of years of build-up in the colon. Weight may be lost, but in actuality it isn't fat pounds being lost so much as a blob of waste chemicals and toxins that were compacted in the colon.

Will rCC 1234® cause any negative symptoms?

Customers testify to feeling healthier and lighter following their rCC 1234® colon cleanse. Just like any colon cleanse, you may feel lesser symptoms of lightheadedness, minor headaches, skin breakout, or irritability for the brief period it requires to flush out the bad and prepare for the good. These side effects are only the natural result of your body expelling unhealthy elements and adjusting to a newer, healthier state.

Can I eat normally while taking rCC 1234®?

It's best to limit food intake, and eat healthier foods since your digestive and intestine system are already working hard to free your body of toxins and chemicals that have been stored inside it because of unhealthy, processed, heavy foods you ate in the past. Be kind to yourself and be conscious of what you take in, especially during your rCC 1234® cleanse.

Does rCC 1234® contain any additives such as fillers and sugars, or starches like rice flour?

No. rCC 1234® is loaded with premium ingredients; Creative Bioscience feels there is simply no room for fillers to offset the weight of the capsules.

Are there any side affects from taking rCC 1234®?

No. rCC 1234® comes to you from healthy, all natural ingredients that complement your normal digestive chemistry and enhance metabolic function.

How long does shipping take?

All orders will be shipped the next day, Monday - Thursday. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. You will receive an email with a delivery confirmation number that will allow you to track your order. Orders usually take 3-5 business days to be delivered, depending on your location.

Where are your rCC 1234® rapid colon cleanse and hCG diet support products manufactured?

All our rCC 1234® rapid colon cleanse and hCG diet support products are manufactured in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities in the United States of America.

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