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Raspberry Ketone 1234 (4 bottles)


Product Description

Scientists and nutritionists believe that Raspberry Ketones help regulate the fat-moderating hormone adiponectin. In turn, adiponectin programs your body to act like it's thin. Our Raspberry Ketone supplements are designed not only to promote fat oxidation (burning), but help sugars and fats pass through your system without being absorbed and stored as they normally would. Does this mean you can feast freely on fatty foods as long as you take Raspberry Ketones for weight loss? No. There is no substitute for common sense and a regular program of healthy activity and proper nutrition, but Raspberry Ketones are clinically supported to promote healthy body metabolism to help you achieve your goal weight.

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  1. Rejoice

    Posted by Rejoice on 2nd Jul 2012

    First of all, it's lose and not loss. Okay, if you weigh 126 pounds, how tall is that so we can work out your BMI? Okay, you've said it's 20.3, so that is prttey healthy.How about you run every day? Maybe you convert the fat into muscle. How about you eat more meat, protein and do more excercise. Pull weights, drink shakes. It's all about ballence. To get a six pack, you have to both eat well and excercise. My boyfriend is such a machine, he eats literally everything and he is sooo muscly. Grr, he's making me eat so much more which means I have to excercise more! YAWN. Anyway, walking is good for you. Eat lots of energy foods, carbohydrates such as: pasta, rice, bread. Don't get rid of fat, convert it by putting ALL your energy into, you guessed it, EXCERCISE! Don't worry, i'm in the same boat as you. Apart from the six pack thing, that'd be wierd.. i'm a girl :LAnyways, good luck to you P.S. At 14, your body is probably ready to shoot up at any time, it could be height storage (my mum used to tell me that I was chubby so when I shot up I wouldn't get stretch marks I'm now 16, so probably nearly grown, and I my body is prttey much how I want it to be). Anyway, my point is that at fourteen, your body is going crazy right now. You should let it settle before you start to diet/ excercise. Your BMI is healthy now. You should consider leaving it with that.Take care x

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