Weight Loss

It happens, we go on vacation, we overindulge on the weekend, and getting your diet back on track can be a slippery slope! Here are some terrific ways to get back on track quickly!

It happens to all of us at one time or another.  You do so well for so long on whatever diet plan you’re following and then something happens to throw a wrench in the works.  Be it a celebration, overwhelming temptation, or just boredom, we all have those moments when we throw discipline out the window and give in to that favorite comfort food that’s been calling our name.  This isn’t unusual, and in fact, it’s quite normal…the key is to not beat yourself up over a minor “flub-up” and to get your diet back on track right away! 


Here are some of the most common reasons we cheat on diets…try to be aware so as to better avoid them:


  • Not Eating Enough:  eating too little and going too long between meals causes dips in blood sugar and can lead to cravings & binges; plus deprivation causes the body to “hoard” calories when you do eat, slows your metabolism, and undermines weight loss.
  • You Want a Quick Fix:  there is no quick and easy way to drop pounds so expecting to lose weight faster than you gained it is an unrealistic expectation leading to failure; think instead about making healthier food choices and incorporating exercise into daily life to make health the goal and the rewards will come naturally.
  • Temptation by Family & Friends:  make it clear to family and friends that you’re committed to living a healthier lifestyle and while that means necessary changes you will still spend time with them and even eat out when the occasion calls for it; maybe even ask them to join you in your endeavors.
  • Skimping on Sleep:  new studies show that not getting enough rest can actually cause you to gain weight, as researchers suspect that a lack of sleep negatively affects metabolism; be disciplined about getting eight hours…sleep isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity for good health.
  • Calories Count…Portion Control:  calories are fuel for the body, plain and simple…so even a healthy food item is still one that contains calories and the size of the portion you’re eating needs to be monitored; be aware of what calories are in the foods you choose and also exercise caution with the portion size…extra calories turn to fat.


Creative Bioscience has plenty of products to help with appetite control, increasing your metabolism, detoxing your liver, and balancing your overall gut health.  You can read all about these products on our website www.creativebioscience.com  and see what each product is intended to do as well as the benefits of the product ingredients.  No product can do it all for you, eating healthy and getting exercise are the keys to not only weight loss but good health.  Supplements can help you with your efforts but they can’t do nearly as much as you have the power to do yourself. Remember to never let a stumble in the road, be the end of the journey.


There is much talk about healthy bacteria these days. Here is how probiotics are helping people improve their overall health and benefit from losing weight.

Written By:  Michelle White

There is a lot of talk these days about “healthy bacteria” in your digestive tract…but what exactly does that mean? It’s more than just keeping you from bloating, heartburn, or a mad dash to the bathroom. A healthy gut is crucial to your overall health and is connected to all that happens in your body, especially your immune system.  A healthy cut can be accomplished by introducing probiotics into your everyday diet.

With nearly 75% of your immune tissue located within your digestive system, it’s crucial to keep things in proper balance. Many people are realizing that eating the wrong types of food can have a negative effect on the bacteria in your digestive tract and make you more susceptible to illness and a wide range of diseases.

It’s nearly impossible to eat your way to a healthy level of good bacteria…but if you would like to try here are a few great probiotic foods: \

  • Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Yogurt
  • Raw Cheeses (goat cheese, etc.)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Salted Gherkin Pickles
  • Brine-Cured Olives
  • Tempeh (fermented soybeans)
  • Miso (fermented soybean, barley or brown rice with koji).

If none of these are to your liking then supplementation is the answer.

Our Probiotic Formula is made especially for those of you who don’t want to eat your way to good digestive health. With two billion colony forming units (CFU) of the top four strains of beneficial bacteria (totaling eight billion CFU’s) along with two beneficial prebiotics (the “food” the good bacteria feeds on to multiply) our Probiotic Formula provides you with a great way to start optimizing your health.

Most importantly, better digestion and gut health can provide you with not only a better functioning immune system but a leg-up in your weight loss efforts. Probiotic Formula is part of nearly all of our special bundle offers for this very reason…when your body functions properly it can do amazing things!

Learn more about our Probiotic Formula


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