15 Minute Workouts

by Gabriella Patel on December 17, 2015

Need a little variety? Try one of these seven different 15 minute workouts! No matter your mood, you are bound to find a workout you will enjoy. And since each workout is only 15 minutes, you should be able to squeeze one in even on your busiest days!


SquatsThe Ballet Workout

Grab a pair of light weights (3-5 lbs.) and stand next to a chair or barre. Repeat the following sequence twice.

50 plié squats in first position (heels together, toes out)

50 plié squats in second position (heels wider that hip-width apart, toes out)

50 overhead shoulder pulses

50 biceps curls

50 triceps kickbacks

50 leg raises to the front (25 reps per leg)

50 leg raises to the back (25 reps per leg)


The Anywhere Workout

Complete this circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes to burn fat and build lean muscle fast!

10 squats

10 regular pushups

10 lunges (on each leg)

10 narrow (triceps) pushups

10 jump squats


The Leg Workout

Complete this full sequence twice.

50 squats

50 alternating forward lunges

50 jump squats

50 jumping lunges


The Exercise Ball Workout

Grab a large Exercise ball and a set of dumbbells and complete the full circuit below 3 times.

With your upper back placed firmly on the ball do:

Dumbbell chest press for 12-15 reps

Dumbbell fly for 12-15

Overhead triceps dip for 12-15 reps

Then, lie face-up on the floor and place your lower legs and heels on the ball to do:

Hip raise for 12-15 reps

Leg curl for 12-15 reps

Next, get into pushup position and place your feet on the ball to do:

Pushup for 10 reps

Jackknife for 10 reps

Finally, stand holding the ball overhead to do:

Squat for 25 reps

Sumo squat for 25 reps


The Isometric Workout

Hold each of the following five positions for the specified number of seconds, and do the circuit three times through.

Front plank for 45-60 seconds

Side plank for 20-30 seconds per side

Squat position hold for 45-60 seconds

Pushup position hold for 45-60 seconds

Lunge position hold for 20-30 seconds per side


The HIIT Workout

Squats for 60 seconds

Push-ups for 30 seconds

Squats or Jump Squats for 45 Seconds

Triceps Dips for 30 Seconds

Jump Squats for 30 Seconds

Plank on Floor for 30 Seconds

Jump Squats for 30 Second

Tripod Plank on Floor for 15 Seconds

Jump Squats with Heel Clicks for 30 Seconds

Tripod Plank on Floor for 15 Seconds

Jumping Jacks for 45 Seconds

10 Pushups with Wide Grip

Jumping Jacks for 45 Seconds

10 Push-Ups with Narrow Grip (triceps pushups)

Jumping Jacks/Star Jumps for 45 Seconds

Triceps Dips Using Chair or Sofa for 30 Seconds

Squat Thrusts (Burpees) for 90 Seconds

Plank on Hands or Forearms for 30 Seconds

Squat thrusts for 60 seconds

Plank for 60 Seconds

Squat Thrusts for 30 Seconds

Plank for 90 Seconds

Bicycle Crunches for 60 Seconds


The Treadmill Workout

Repeat this circuit 4 times total, cutting the walk time in half every time.

Sprint for 1 minute

Walk/jog for 1 minute

Sprint on an incline for 1 minute

Walk/jog for 1 minute


I hope you enjoy these workouts and that you are able to incorporate them to add some variety to your workout schedule!

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