September 2012

Healthy Meals For Diabetics

by Rachelle on September 25, 2012

Living with Diabetes can be difficult, especially when it comes to food, but you don’t need to feel deprived every time you reach for a snack. There are diet plans out there that will not only help you control your insulin levels, but will help you feel satisfied and help you lose weight. Keep Reading


Pros and Cons of Homemade Baby Food

by Mel on September 25, 2012

Good nutrition is particularly important during baby’s first year for proper growth and development.  Although it does require a little more planning and time in the kitchen, making your own baby food provides several benefits. Here is a breakdown of the most common pros and cons of homemade baby food and a few easy recipes you can try. Keep Reading


In the past, the advice was very simple; do not eat nuts when trying to lose weight. Today, there are conflicting thoughts about whether to add nuts to a calorie-restricted food plan or to use them in a limited way for snacking. Nuts do contain good fats that are monounsaturated fats. These are the proven fats for helping with our health. Keep Reading

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Some people just absolutely love working out and exercising. If you are one of us regular folk, you probably need some motivation to get to the gym on a regular basis or even just to work out at home. Keep Reading


Remember when the Atkins diet first hit the weight loss world? It instantly became popular and everyone seemed to be cutting carbohydrates out of their diet. Grains or carbohydrates are digested as sugar, which your body will then use as an energy source. When you cut or eliminate your carbohydrate consumption – your body will use your fat storage for energy, helping you lose weight faster. Keep Reading


There are times in all of our lives where we find ourselves in a weight loss pinch. We have an important event, date or vacation and need to quickly lose a pound or two in a very short amount of time. And although this is not recommended for the long term, there are some things you can do that will make a difference for that day. Keep Reading


Quick And Healthy Cooking For Kids

by Arica on September 21, 2012

A growing awareness of healthy eating seems to be sweeping the nation, and grocery stores are offering additional lines in organic and natural foods. Much of this food is very different from what kids are used to eating, so it can be difficult to get the entire family on board with a new food regime. Kids distrust change, especially when it comes to food, and they are unlikely to give applause for something that you praise as “healthy.” There are a few ways to use healthy, natural foods when cooking for kids, and you do not even have to spend hours in the kitchen to do so. Keep Reading


Quick Dark Chocolate Soufflé:

by Lauryn on September 21, 2012

We’d like to introduce our newest blog contributor Lauryn Evarts from We’ll let Lauryn introduce herself;

“Hi guys! I blog over at The Skinny Confidential. My blog is about losing weight by simple diet modifications, substitutions, & delicious recipes. I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Creative Bioscience. I promise to fill you in on healthy recipes & easy recipes weekly.”

We look forward to some awesome recipes designed to taste amazing while still maintaining your diet and your healthy lifestyle.

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Fast food can be addictive and the more you get used to eating this type of food, the more you will be craving it. Instead of eating your favorite fast food at a restaurant, you should try to make the same thing at home using fresh ingredients available in your kitchen. Keep Reading


Don’t Just Walk!

by Wendy on September 20, 2012

Fall is the perfect time to exercise outdoors!  You can create your own workout routine outside by walking and jogging and adding a few squats mixed in with lunges, or look for some stairs to do step-ups and a picnic table or bench for some modified push-ups and dips.  Adding additional exercises to your walk can provide a well-balanced physical fitness routine for the entire body. Keep Reading

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