December 2012

Teas That Promote Weight Loss

by Lauryn on December 18, 2012

After reading an article on tea in SELF magazine, I had to share my discoveries. My nightly cup of tea is exceedingly special after a day full errands, work & fitness. Tea is such an amazing alternative to coffee & usually brews up plenty of benefits.  My obsession? Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf. Any other suggestions are welcome! Keep Reading


Most healthy fast food dinner

by Andy on December 14, 2012

We have all been there. After a long 8-10 hour work day, the last thing you want to think about when you get home is dinner. This is by far the hardest meal for me, when trying to eat healthy, because it is just too easy to pick a pizza up on the way home, or even better have it delivered right to my front door. No matter how far ahead we prepare, there will be nights where take out is going to be the best solution and in this case, instead of giving up and sabotaging your diet, choose a healthy fast food dinner. We have done some research and compiled a list of options that will leave you feeling full. Keep Reading


All I Want for Christmas is…

by Jackie on December 13, 2012

What do you get your workout buddy, spouse, family, and friends for Christmas?  How about something that will help them reach their fitness goals!  This year give that fitness buff and fitness buff wannabe the gift of health.  Here are some great gift ideas that will get their hearts beating faster! Keep Reading


Do your kids love Chinese food?  Are you too intimidated to cook these dishes so you and your family are forced to eat out every time you want Chinese food?  Instead of heading out to a restaurant for your families favorite dishes, try making them at home!  Want the secret ingredients for P. F. Chang’s delicious lettuce wraps or Panda Express’ tasty orange chicken?  Read on to learn how copy these family favorites and more! Keep Reading


One of most important meals is also ironically one of the most missed meals. Breakfast can be a hard meal to eat, especially during the week because most of us are in a rush to ourselves and our family out the door. And it seems that the easiest and most convenient items to eat for breakfast are usually highly processed foods, meaning they are very unhealthy. Keep Reading


School Lunch Nutrition

by Rachelle on December 10, 2012

Do you remember standing in the lunch line in the crowded school cafeteria when you were younger? You were starving and ready for something delicious only too often to find when you made it to the front of the line that some unidentified food item was slapped on to your plate? Keep Reading


Spiked Eggnog

by CB Blog Team on December 7, 2012

‘Tis the season for eggnog…however, the drink is definitely an acquired taste. When I was young, I despised it, but now I enjoy its frothy dense texture with a little bit of cinnamon [ I especially like it when it’s spiked! ]. This particular batch was an experiment for my girlfriend’s upcoming Christmas party. It beat out all of the other spiked drinks I tasted-tested by a long shot. Keep Reading


The Clean House Workout

by Jackie on December 7, 2012

During the holidays we all want to have our house clean in preparation for unexpected guests or holiday parties.  Do you feel like you are always so busy doing housework that you never have time to work out?  Read on to learn how to exercise while you get your house sparkling clean!  Speeding up your movements is the key to burning those extra calories.  Try these other tips that will help you to burn extra calories while getting your house clean! Keep Reading


Who doesn’t love hot soup on a cold day?  December is a wonderful month to make a big pot of soup that can be shared with family and friends or saved for later.  I love making a huge pot of soup so we can have some that night and freeze some for meals later that month.  Soup is also great to send in kid’s school lunch to warm them up on a cold day!  Just freeze in individual kid size portions that will be ready to warm up and send in their lunch thermos.  Here are some kid friendly soup recipes your whole family will enjoy! Keep Reading


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