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by CB Blog Team on December 3, 2012

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Detox seems to be one of the most popular ways to lose weight recently. There seems to be endless ways to detox, but how do you know what way is right for you?
Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from your body. There are multiple ways that this can be done – with herbs, changing your diet, juice cleanses and supplements.  No matter which method you decide to do, one of the most important factors to a successful detox is patience. As with anything else in life, it is a process, not something that will make a difference overnight.

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Gluten free seems to be everywhere recently. Movie stars are attributing their weight loss and glowing skin to gluten free diets, grocery store shelves are full of gluten free foods and gluten free living is becoming a popular lifestyle.  With its rising popularity, we decided to do some more research and see if a gluten free diet can actually help you meet your weight loss goals. Keep Reading


This non-alcoholic morning ‘mocktail’ is by far one of my favorite diet tips. Keep Reading