January 2013

In the past, the advice was very simple; do not eat nuts when trying to lose weight. Today, there are conflicting thoughts about whether to add nuts to a calorie restricted food plan or to use them in a limited way for snacking. Nuts do contain good fats that are monounsaturated fats. These are the proven fats for helping with our health. Nuts are also high in fiber and protein. The down side is that they are high caloric and a lot of people find them difficult to digest. A few are very allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. For anyone who is concern about the affect nuts have on them physically, finding substitutes for nuts becomes crucial for them to reach their health goals. Keep Reading


Nutrient Rich Frozen Veggies

by Mel on January 28, 2013

Frozen vegetables are not only simple and convenient to prepare, but they are also packed with nutrients!   Frozen veggies are a healthy way to keep your kid’s vegetable intake up during the winter months when the availability of fresh produce can be is limited or expensive.  And you may be surprised to learn that some frozen vegetables contain more nutrients than their fresh counterparts. Keep Reading


Sample menu for my post baby weight loss

The day where my baby girl arrives is getting closer and closer. Additionally, so is the cutoff of free foods and resting on the couch. As of my last doctor’s appointment, I am at 187 lbs. I am due on February 4th and I am scheduled to induce on February 5th. By that time I will be very surprised if I am not over the 190 lb mark. My pre-pregnancy weight was 136 lbs. This means that if I lose 10 lbs at delivery (the weight of baby and extra goodies) I will have 44 extra lbs to lose. Keep Reading


The Medicine Ball Workout

by Rachelle on January 24, 2013

Have you tried working out with a medicine ball?  For less than $30 you can purchase a 4 to 8 pound medicine ball to use for an at home, full-body workout that will quickly trim and tone your entire body!  This five step medicine ball workout mixes cardio and strength training to tighten your tummy and sculpt your entire body! Keep Reading


Valentine’s Day Treats

by Gabriella Patel on January 22, 2013

February is almost here so it is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day treats for your kids and their friends and classmates.  Valentine’s Day is notorious for chocolate, candy, and other sugar-filled treats!  This year, revamp your family and kid’s classroom Valentine’s Day traditions with these easy tips! Keep Reading


The Best Health and Fitness Apps!

by Wendy on January 18, 2013

The number of health and fitness apps continues to increase and many are helping motivate people to get in shape!  These apps can help track workouts, running, and food intake.  You always have your smartphone with you, so why not try one of these apps to help you to reach your fitness goals!  Keep Reading


Bananas, Bananas, and More Bananas!

by Mel on January 15, 2013

I love to have bananas at home because they are so convenient for the kids to grab and eat on the go or for me to pack in their school lunches.  But bananas are one fruit that often seem to ripen faster than our family can eat them.  You can only make so many loaves of banana bread!  What can you do when you have so many bananas and so little time?  Here are some creative tips and delicious recipes so you won’t have to waste another banana again! Keep Reading


Losing Weight Brazilian Style

by Jackie on January 14, 2013

For many people, the thought of weight loss centers brings up images of lots of strenuous exercise, restrictive dieting and an overall feeling of being deprived, but losing weight need not be this torturous. There are several ways of getting to the size you want without suffering an ordeal. A common refrain is to eat healthy and in moderation. It is in following with such rules that concepts like the diet coffee program from Brazil have come about. Keep Reading


Winter Running

by Mel on January 10, 2013

Is running one of your resolutions this year?  While it may be hard to get excited about running outdoors when the temperatures drop, you don’t have to wait until the spring to get started on this fitness goal!  You can get outside and enjoy running in the fresh air as long as you follow a few key safety tips. Keep Reading


There is a great deal of confusing and conflicting advice available about the right type of diet for weight training. Much of the advice comes from people selling dietary supplements, many of which are unnecessary, and some of which are actually harmful. Like any other type of dietary regimen, diet weight training advice needs to be based not on the latest fad, but on sound nutritional and scientific principles. Keep Reading