March 2013

Get Outside! It’s Spring!

by Rachelle on March 30, 2013

Kick that cabin fever and take your workout outside!  After months of being stuck inside, the warmer weather is a great reason to head outdoors.  Spring is a wonderful time to get back into an exercise routine, if you took an exercise hiatus over the long cold winter.  Here are some other great reasons to take your workout outside:
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Save the Chocolate Bunny!

by Mel on March 29, 2013

Avoid the annual candy overdose this Easter!  Check out some healthier Easter treat alternatives.  Also, mix up the traditional Easter egg hunt with some fun new ideas. Keep Reading


Yoga 101

by Jackie on March 25, 2013

Yoga can help anyone increase strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and endurance.  You will receive so many more great health benefits from adding yoga to your exercise routine.  Learn how yoga can benefit you and how easy it is to get started! Keep Reading


When I say consistency, you say YEAH!

This week I lost 2.2 lbs and am very happy about it. At this point in my weight loss plan, I am hoping to lose an average of 2 lbs per week. I still have 23 lbs to lose, so this should be at least 11 more weeks. In order to do this I will stick to the same ole’ diet and make small increases/changes to the intensity, type, and length of my exercises. The reason for all the changes is for several reasons. First, in order to avoid plateaus, you must keep your body guessing. Next, the muscles may need time to recover from the previous days loads. Lastly, varying your exercises improves overall fitness and prevents mental burnout and injuries. Keep Reading


“Mom, Can I Have a Snack?”

by Wendy on March 19, 2013

You probably hear these words multiple times each day!  Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could just get their own snacks?  But how can you trust that the snacks they would get for themselves would be healthy?  You need to create a snack bin! Keep Reading


Get Out and Run!

by Rachelle on March 18, 2013

The great thing about running is that it is simple.  You do not need any special skills, expensive equipment, or wonderful athletic ability.  All you need is a pair of shoes and some motivation!  Follow this plan to get started running and maybe even finishing your first 5K race! Keep Reading


Let me just say first that plateaus suck! Last week I worked my butt off to bust my plateau and ended up losing 1.4 lbs that week. This week I worked half as hard and lost 2.4 lbs. The only changes I made during my plateau week was exercise related. I had to split workouts into 2 a days in order to boost my metabolism. I stuck to the same diet of 100 calories per hour during both weeks. This week I went back to 1 workout a day. This is the nature of losing weight. Keep Reading


Planting Healthy Kids

by Gabriella Patel on March 14, 2013

Gardening is a terrific way to connect with your kids while learning how to grow healthy food!  It is not too early to start thinking about your garden this year.  You can start planting some spring seeds inside now to get a head start on the growing season.  Get your kids involved with these fun gardening projects they will love! Keep Reading


This week was a struggle for me. Despite the fact that I was doing everything right, my body was intent on doing it’s own thing. The week started with my Saturday weigh in of 164.6 lbs. On Sunday I had a 45 min walk. On Monday I did a 45 min walk in the morning and 45 min rowing in the evening. With sticking to my diet and all this exercise you would think I would be moving in the right direction. Nope! Tuesday morning I weighed in at 166.2. Keep Reading



by Rachelle on March 7, 2013

Are you stretching correctly?  Are you stretching at all?  Improper or lack of stretching can lead to injury.  Learn the benefits of stretching and tips to keep you safe! Keep Reading