April 2014

Bored of the pasta dishes in your dinnertime lineup? Change it up, with these easy pasta recipes that will please the entire family. Make any of these tasty (and healthy!) pasta recipes in less than 30 minutes! Keep Reading


When to Buy Organic

by Gabriella Patel on April 25, 2014

Buying organic can be pretty rough on your wallet. Is organic produce really worth the extra expense? The truth is, some non-organic produce is just as safe as its organic counterpart. Read on to help you navigate your way through the produce section safely. Keep Reading


Foods That Help

by Wendy on April 24, 2014

Before raiding your medicine cabinet, look in your kitchen for natural cures. Some minor ailments can be cured by the following foods — no prescription necessary. Plus, be sure to add our list of foods that help control hunger to your grocery shopping list to help you control your weight. Keep Reading


Healthy Eating Habits

by Rachelle on April 18, 2014

Have you been hitting your workouts hard but your weight loss has plateaued? It may be time to look at your eating habits.  Here are some simple fixes to get you back on track. Keep Reading


Tips for Gym Newbies

by Mel on April 15, 2014

Your first time at a gym can be a scary experience. Don’t know what to bring or where to start?  Here are some tips to help keep you relatively unscathed during this new experience.  Plus learn gym etiquette to keep those dirty looks at bay.  Keep Reading


Burn Baby Burn

by Jackie on April 11, 2014

How many calories do you burn per hour doing various activities? Since 3500 calories equal one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 more calories than you take in to lose one pound. Many people do regular exercise to burn calories, but you don’t have to change into shorts and running shoes to torch a few extra calories. Your body constantly burns calories as you perform everyday activities. Keep Reading


Spring into Fitness

by Gabriella Patel on April 9, 2014

Are you trying to start back into a fitness routine after a long winter break?  Learn the secrets of people who have managed to make exercise a way of life.  Here are some tips and tricks to get you into a fitness routine. Keep Reading


There are so many holidays where kids get too much candy!  My kids still have candy left from Valentine’s Day!  With Easter just around the corner, here are some alternatives to candy-filled Easter Eggs and other healthier Easter options. Keep Reading


Going Green!

by Wendy on April 1, 2014

Green vegetables can help you lose weight when you eat them as part of a healthy and varied diet. While each type of green vegetable varies in its flavor and calorie count, all are beneficial to your health.  Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which helps you feel full for a longer period of time and helps reduce hunger spikes between meals. This can help you consume less food in the long run. Keep Reading