3 Tips to Improve Bone Strength

by Wendy on July 31, 2014

As we get older, our bodies can no longer work at the same efficiency that they once could. This can result in a huge decrease in the production of cells our bodies make, which is what physically ages us. Osteoporosis is a condition caused precisely by this decrease in production.

Due to our bones being living parts of our bodies, they are constantly undergoing breakdowns and rebuilding. When the production slows down, our bones weaken and become very fragile which leads to arched backs and easily fractured hips.

This however is a condition which can easily be slowed or even completely stopped. It all depends on how we treat our bodies. There are certain foods and physical activities that help our bones stay strong and help us produce more of the rebuilding cells.

It is always best to begin these practices of healthy living early, but even if you begin them later in life, you can still see a huge improvement in a few short months. Follow these three tips to boost your bone strength:

Take Some Vitamin D

Calcium is more readily absorbed if you have the correct amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand. Many people think that taking a vitamin D supplement is the best way for their bodies to absorb the nutrient. What they don’t realize is vitamin D is easily absorbed just by taking in some sunlight.

Going for a walk for only a half hour each day can give you plenty of vitamin D, if your arms and face are exposed. For extra vitamin D, expose your legs for an even higher dosage.

Look for Calcium-rich Foods

Milk has always been the best choice for those looking for natural calcium. Well, luckily this still stands — as well as any other foods which contain a large amount of milk. Yogurt, especially the low-fat Greek kind, can help you get the right amount of calcium your body needs all while keeping the calorie and fat count low.

Various cheeses can also help, but should be watched carefully because a lot of them can contain high levels of fat. Mozzarella is low fat, and when made with part skim milk, it retains the rich and creamy flavor without punishing you with a huge amount of fat.

Lifting Weights

This is absolutely the best exercise activity that you can do in order to maintain strong bones. Bones —like muscles — contain protein, and when you lift weights you are using the protein in the bone in order to strengthen it, causing it to stay in good form even after your body’s natural production stops. Regular weight lifting, around three times a week with a moderate weight, can help you make sure that your bones remain strong.

Growing old and having our bodies slow is a normal part of aging. But when we work against this in a natural way, by consuming the nutrients we need in ways which our body can readily absorb it, we can slow down this process and actually cause an anti-aging effect on our bodies.



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