30 Night Diet And Effective Weight Loss

by Jackie on May 6, 2016

Unlike many young adults who may benefit from having a fast metabolism, I have struggled with weight issues since adolescence. I never seemed to go through a carefree phase of being able to eat whatever I wanted and still maintain my weight.

TrampolineThis is why I was sure that I would need some sort of supplement along with trying to get enough exercise and monitoring what I eat if I wanted to avoid being overweight in my thirties and beyond. My research into dietary supplements for weight loss revealed many possibilities, and 30 Night Diet seemed like a supplement worth investigating further.

I discovered that 30 Night Diet contained 5 htp, which may be administered to address a variety of physical and psychological conditions, and studies date back for several decades. According to a detailed 1989 clinical study reported in the Journal of Neural Transmission, 5-htp had no effect on mood but test subjects displayed diminished appetite, decreased food intake, and appreciable weight loss. Clinicians at the University of Maryland Medical Center also reviewed 5-htp and its effectiveness on weight loss, and their findings indicated that further research about 5 htp and its connection to weight management may be worth pursuing. I found this to be encouraging, and the 50 mg doses recommended for individuals outside of the clinical study arena seemed like a workable solution for me.

Test subjects in more recent studies continue to report feeling satisfied as a result of taking 5-htp supplements, and this feeling of satisfaction appears to be closely linked to a healthy decrease in appetite and eventual weight loss. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported the results of several 5 htp studies, and taking 50 mg doses three times each day seemed to have a positive effect on weight loss in these double-blind studies. Taking a 5-htp supplement twenty minutes before each meal seemed like it would be easy enough for me, and being able to control my cravings for starch and carbohydrates made me feel hopeful about managing my weight.

Women who are pregnant or nursing, individuals with diabetes or high blood pressure, and children should not take 30 Night Diet (5-htp) for weight loss. I felt comfortable about trying 5 htp since none of those categories applied to me, and the other potential side effects such as gas, nausea, and diarrhea seemed minor. I experienced a slight bout of heartburn in the beginning, but taking 30 Night Diet leaves me feeling satisfied after meals especially after dinner, and confident about the prospect of finally being able to control my weight.



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