by CB Blog Team on January 5, 2017

A comment from one of our readers:

I have tried everything from calorie counting to just eating grapes and chicken to no-carbs to kale shakes, and although I would lose some weight, I never kept it off until I found a supplement called 5-HTP, found in 30 Night Diet. The reason that I decided to try 30 Night Diet was simple. My best friend from college had tried it, and I was shocked to see the pictures she was posting of herself online. If she could look that good at our age using it, I needed to try it too.

Within the first two weeks of taking , I had several lost pounds without even trying. I wanted to learn more about this supplement so I looked into the research behind it. I read “5-HTP: The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity, and Insomnia” by Michael T. Murray, and in that book, I found three 5-HTP clinical trials. Each of them seemed to have amazing results. The many results came from the ability 5-htp has to suppress appetite, which lowered my caloric intake and allowed me to lose some extra weight. 30 Night Diet helps me stick to my caloric intake goals and gives me that extra edge I need.



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