All I Want for Christmas is…

by Jackie on December 13, 2012

What do you get your workout buddy, spouse, family, and friends for Christmas?  How about something that will help them reach their fitness goals!  This year give that fitness buff and fitness buff wannabe the gift of health.  Here are some great gift ideas that will get their hearts beating faster!


  1. Treadmill

If you buy this for your spouse you can always use it when they aren’t, right?!  Check out this post to get the most out of your treadmill work out!  Good treadmills start at $2,000 plus so they are pricey!

  1. Fitness magazine subscription

This is a great gift that will last the whole year and can be personalized based on their fitness interests.

  1. Running shoes or fitness apparel

Or if you don’t feel comfortable picking these out for someone else, a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store is a great bet!

  1. Fitness DVDs

These are great for your workout buddy!  Have you been exercising outdoors?  Now is the perfect time to head inside and try some new exercise DVDs!

  1. Weights, kettlebells, or exercise bands

Great gifts to add to any home gym!

  1. Exercise mat

Yoga enthusiasts would love this paired with a yoga DVD.  Exercise mats are also great for anyone working out at home to do their floor work.

  1. Heart monitor or pedometer

Great for any exercise enthusiast or newbie!

  1. Home gym

Weider, Bowflex, and Total Gym are popular and affordable home gym brands you can check out.


Having a hard time thinking of a gift for that hard to shop for person?  Here are some personalized fitness gifts for those special people in your life!


The New Mom

  • Jogging stroller

A new jogging stroller will get the new Mom out of the house and able to exercise with her baby!


  • Moby Wrap

This comfy wraparound baby carrier will let Mom get mobile and still keep her baby close.  This carrier is perfect for powerwalking and even doing lunges, all while baby stays snug next to her body.


  • Child Carrier Backpack

New Moms and baby can head out for a hike to get her heart rate up and enjoy the fresh air.  Make sure to research and get a backpack that is sturdy, padded for comfort, and lightweight for ease of use.


  • Fitness DVDs.

New moms spend a lot of time at home.  Let her take advantage of naptime while it lasts and get back to her pre-baby body with some exercise DVDs.


The Exercise Newbie

  • Jump Rope

Include a copy of a workout that can be completes using a jump rope to get them started.  Check out this post for some ideas


  • Running (or walking) shoes

The most basic of exercises, walking can be done by even the most out of shape beginners.  Get them started on the right foot with some new shoes.  Read more about how to pick the right shoes at


  • Exercise DVDs

Going to a gym can be intimidating for a newbie.  Get them started at home with an exercise DVD.  There are lots to choose from to fit any fitness level.  Here are some DVDs to check out


The Runner

  • Running watch

Tracks total running time, distance, pace, and calories.


  • Wireless earbuds

Listen to music while running without accidentally grabbing the wire and ripping them out of your ears with wireless headphones.  Pair it with an iTunes gift card!


  • Gift card to a runner’s specialty store

Any runner can always use one more pair of running shoes or new running apparel!  Treat them to a shopping spree at their favorite store!



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