Appetite Control Is About Listening To Your Body

by Rachelle on August 20, 2012

Many of us have come home from a stressful day and confuse hunger with appetite. We eat foods that satisfy the appetite and not the true hunger for rest and nourishment our bodies truly crave. Hunger happens when there is a need for nutrition. We do not know how to listen to our bodies so when true hunger hits us we call it cravings and binge on things that immediately satisfy but not what we really need. True appetite control is not about denying ourselves food. It is about knowing how to take care of ourselves by not punishing ourselves with foods that are hurting us. It comes from knowing how to take care of our real needs, both physically and emotionally.

The problem with most of our diets is that we do not consume nutritious foods necessary for a healthy weight loss plan and appetite control diet. Our desire for eating harmful food is due to habits we have, hiding our misunderstanding of the deep hunger for the nutrition we are missing. Try skipping breakfast one morning. Lunch may be manageable but later that day it is hard not to eat high calorie foods. In the morning, try eating a bowl of oatmeal with some peanut butter mixed in. The feeling of being satisfied lasts several hours making it easier to not be ruled by appetite in the afternoon. The oatmeal provides fiber and vitamins while the peanut butter provides protein, which stabilizes sugar. The oatmeal and peanut butter may have a lot of calories but because of food choices then the need for food is easier to manage and ultimately fewer calories are consumed throughout the day.

Feeding our bodies with nutritious foods and taking care of the stressors in our lives can go a long way to controlling appetite. Some appetite control foods to consider are the ones that have loads of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other phytonutrients our bodies need for optimum functioning. A good example of these foods would be the dark green vegetables. Eating broccoli provides fiber and essential nutrients found to help with keeping our cells healthy. Fish provides protein and omega threes we need for our brains and our hearts. Keeping the processed carbohydrates out of our diet can reduce cravings. Something like fried food can be immediately satisfying but ultimately we will find ourselves craving more greasy foods because we need fat but not from a piece of fried chicken. The fats we need are from nuts and seeds the body uses for healthy joints and veins. The omega threes are fats from hemp seeds and fish, do not clog arteries but provide moisture to the skin and hair. Appetite control foods may at first seem to contain a lot of calories but remember it is how the body uses these calories that makes the difference between being stored as fat around the belly or the calories the body can use to function in good health.

Even when eating the right fats and vegetables sometimes people need a little help to getting back on tract. Using appetite control supplements can play a role in our health goals, especially when we first start working on weight issues. A very simple supplement to take and is very safe is fiber. Taking a fiber pill with every meal can help a person to feel full sooner. The fiber expands in the stomach and slows down the transit time of the food. A supplement called Relora has been shown to help with stress eating. It does not directly control appetite but it helps with soothing the feelings of stress that triggers the search for refined carbs. Consider taking a vitamin and mineral supplement. A basic multi can fill a lot of the holes in a diet plan and prevent many cravings. Of course, sometimes just taking a few minutes to drink water can stop the hunger in its tracks. Waiting for a few minutes while drinking a glass of water, before chasing a cookie, can help people let go of their hunger pains.

Appetite control is not about will power but it is about understanding the pseudo hunger that propels us into poor food choices. Take a minute before eating another bite and ask what is really going on. Is it the day’s stress and the body calling out for some way to just feel better? If that is the case then make a cup of chamomile tea and just sit in a place that is calming and rest. Is it easier to go and get fried chicken than to bake the fish? Then try eating a handful of almonds for appetite control and then go bake that fish. Appetite disguises what our real hunger is and learning the body’s language can go a long way to making good choices in food.



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