Are There Any Healthy Low Calorie Cocktails?

by Mel on March 31, 2017

How many calories are in a cocktail? It depends on the size of your drink, the alcohol content and the mixers. A high alcohol content means more calories, but most calories come from mixers. The alcohol in your drink might contain 80-100 calories, but mixers such as syrup and sodas can add hundreds of calories. Cocktails are much richer in calories than wine, for example, but there are many low calorie cocktail options.

A typical 6 oz Pina colada contains 378 calories and a 2.5 oz Margarita contains 280 calories. Low calorie cocktails include gin and tonic (200 calories in a 7 oz drink), screwdriver (190 calories in 8 oz), and a Martini (160 calories in 2.5 oz). For comparison: a 5 oz glass of red or white wine contains 120 calories.

For healthy drinks on St Patricks Day or any festivities, use low calorie juices such as orange juice or lemon and lime juices, water, sugar-free syrups, diet sodas and club soda as mixers. When drinking in a bar, ask bartenders to use diet sodas and other low calorie mixers for your drinks. Alternate alcoholic cocktails with non-alcoholic drinks if you are watching your weight.



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