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The Best Slimming colors every person should have hanging in their closet to help them looks and feel their best! Having the right slimming colors on hand can help provide confidence!

The colors you choose to wear can make a big difference not only for your skin tone but for your waist. Choose the wrong color and you could add extra pounds to your frame – which is something that I am sure we all wish to avoid!! Choosing flattering tones and slimming colors can help you look instantly slim – and help your skin tone shine.

Let’s start with the universally flattering color we are all familiar with: Black. I love the color black, especially in my wardrobe – much to my husband’s dismay. The first reason I love it and own so much of it is because black always looks chic- regardless of the outfit. Put two of the same outfits side by side but with a white and black top, and hands down the blacktop will look more put together. The second reason I love black is because of its magical slimming powers. Why is black so slimming? Unlike other colors, black does not reflect light – so it does not create shadows and project reflections where your body curves or when it wrinkles. It does a great job of hiding lumps and bulges while looking chic. A small warning – black will lose some of its slimming powers when wearing lycra, spandex, and sequins, as these materials do have light reflecting characteristics. Where black from head to toe – you create the ultra-slimming look because your outfit becomes one long vertical line. See Reese’s photo below. Don’t forget that one of the sexiest items, every woman should have hanging in their closet is  The Little Black Dress.

Sick of Black? This next color can have the same slimming effect of black, but with a pop of color. Eggplant is a great color to add to your wardrobe. It is as versatile as black but falls in the middle of the color spectrum so it is not too warm or too cold. It is also a great color to pair with black because it is dark enough so that when paired with black there is not a stark contrast – which can chop your body in half, making you look shorter.


True Red is the next color that is extremely flattering. Next to black, red is one of the most powerful colors you can wear. Red demands attention and when you wear it people pay attention. There are a lot of shades of red – each of which complements different skin tones, but if you stick to a true red – which falls in the middle of the spectrum, you will find it flatters your skin tone and body. Embrace the power of a true red!


Navy is another great color because it has the slimming power of black, but without actually being black. It looks just as chic and is completely versatile. I think it also looks better than black when paired with light neutral colors like white, cream and tan because it is softer, so the contrast is not as stark.


Adding these colors to your wardrobe will help you create outfits that will slim your body and will also flatter your skin tones. Monotone outfits (all one color) can be the ultimate slimming choice because they create one long vertical line from the shoulders down to the feet. Monotone does not have to be boring though – add in a fun, vibrant necklace, earrings or a great pair of colorful pumps. You can also mix and match these slimming colors together to create the feeling of a monotone outfit, without going with just one color. Together they will not only complement your figure, but will help brighten your skin tone.

The last thing to remember is to only wear colors that you feel confident in. I know I have said this before, but the best stylist in the world can tell you what looks best on you, but if you do not feel comfortable and confident, their advice won’t matter. You need to feel good in the outfit you are wearing for it to truly look the best. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident, people will see that. Carry yourself with confidence and you will look flawless in every outfit you put on!




If you are eager to drop some pounds but cannot find the time or money for a gym, consider the yard work calories that you could burn off. You do not have to join a gym, pay fees and rearrange your schedule in order to lose weight. Weight loss opportunities are all around you, especially if you have your own yard or land. The best thing about working off calories in the yard is that you actually accomplish something while you shed the weight instead of staring at a lot of other people on stationary bikes at a gym.

Using yard work calories to lose weight is a fantastic and worthwhile way to help shape up, not only can you shed pounds but you will also be accomplishing the task of beautifying your yard!

Why Yard Work?

You could lose weight on your own time in many ways. You could easily find an exercise regimen on the Internet and follow it in the privacy of your own home. However, it takes a lot of discipline to follow these guidelines and it may require time that you do not have. Let’s face it, everybody is busy these days. If you still have a yard in which to work, you may be doing a lot of overtime or keeping up with two or three jobs. Fitting in some time at the gym can be hard to justify, no matter how important your weight problem is to you.

Yard work, however, is inevitable. You have to fit it into your schedule. You can really kill two birds with one stone here because both yard work and exercise are not very exciting tasks for most people. However, most people also understand their necessity. This should give you more enthusiasm for your yard work and your exercise. Instead of eagerly awaiting to get the minimum done before you return to the shade or the air conditioning of your home, you can take satisfaction as you put in the extra time to really accomplish some serious projects outdoors while you simultaneously drop some weight.

How Can I Calculate Yard Work Calories Burned?

One nice thing about going to the gym is that they have a lot of instruments and charts that can explain to you just how many calories you burn with each allotment of time in an exercise or with each pound of resistance. Thanks to the Internet, however, you can get some of the same information using pages derived from a yard work calories calculator. The number of calories burned at each activity depends on the amount of time that you put in and how much you weigh. The figures in the examples that follow are rough but usable.

Yard Work Calories – at 125 Pounds

If you begin this weight loss stratagem at 125 pounds, you will need to spend an hour raking leaves or planting shrubs to burn off about 240 calories. Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds will each burn around 30 more calories than that. Naturally, as you increase the strength required, you increase the number of calories burned. Digging will eat up about 300 calories per hour and chopping wood burns more than 350 calories in the same time period.

Yard Work Calories – at 155 Pounds

Since you are carrying more weight around, the same activities will burn more calories in return for the same intensity. This is one of the few times that extra weight pays off! Raking those leaves will now burn nearly 300 calories in just one hour. Mowing the lawn will use more than 330 calories at this weight and digging now burns more than 370. As a 155-pounder, you will use up 446 calories per hour while chopping wood.

Yard Work Calories – at 185 Pounds

Now raking leaves burns more than 350 calories per hour, mowing burns 400 and digging nearly 450. Chopping wood for an hour at this weight will require more than 530 calories.

How Do I Get Started?

A lot of people are unenthusiastic about yard work and simply go at it willy-nilly for a while before quitting. You should strategize about how many yard work calories per hour you want to burn. You can base your landscaping activities around how many calories you need or want to lose that day. This should help you complete plans for your yard while you shape your body.

Be Careful

It is easy to get a little too enthusiastic about shedding pounds and beautifying the scenery around your home. It is most likely that the sun will be out when you do this work and you will sweat a lot. Apply sunblock generously and drink lots of water while you work. Staying hydrated is important to help your body adjust to exercise properly and also to keep you from dehydrating out in that sun. Watch out for regional pests, such as snakes and insects that could cut short your workout with a nasty bite or sting.



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A comment from one of our readers:

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Whew is it already the start of week 3?  I’ve often heard that it takes 21 days (give or take) to get into a habit of something.  That means this week will be the one to really solidify what I’m doing for the long haul.  I think in week one it can be a bit of a shock to your system and your old habits of eating and making poor choices have the strongest pull.  Those cravings of something sweet or fattening come fast and strong, and if you’re not aware of them can easily ruin all your hard work.  However, each time I’ve made a choice to resist grabbing that doughnut or deep fried item, I get stronger in my resolve and give myself more power over my own cravings.  There’s something empowering about dictating what you eat and what you put in your body.  I’ve found the supplements I’m taking have really had an effect on my appetite and energy level from day one.  I knew going into this that it would take more than a few days for them to kick in fully and really start to notice what was happening in my body, but I feel like I know have a good system going.


This info graphic is just one of many things that I like to find online to help with my continuing education.  The more information or ammunition I can get for myself, the easier it is for me to combat my cravings or a friend wanting to go get some fast food, etc.  My goals and resolve to do this are stronger than any craving or peer pressure out there.

Part of sticking to a diet really has to do with your mindset and understanding of why you’re doing it.  If you’re not passionate about your own health and well being a start of a diet will die quickly because you’re not invested enough in your own success.  You have to constantly remind yourself all the reasons you’re doing this in the first place.  If I just start going through the motions of eating good and exercising I lose motivation or only do it halfway.  I have some personal notes and reasons for why I’m doing this and I would encourage you to write down all the reasons you want to lose weight.  This should be a list that you look at daily, and update with new reasons as they come to you.  Set up rewards for yourself when you reach milestones like 10 pounds lost, or 21 days etc.  I’m going to do the same right now!


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