Healthy Habits of Fit People

by Lauryn on April 12, 2016

To be successful, study the healthy habits of fit people. Get in shape by paying attention to the routines of highly fit people, many of their secrets are very straightforward habits that anyone could adapt into their own life. Keep Reading


Ants on a Log

by Lauryn on January 2, 2013

There is something comforting about snacking on a childhood staple. Keep Reading


An Egg Salad Makeover

by Lauryn on January 2, 2013

Sometimes I think people don’t actually want to know what’s in their food. Ignorance is bliss, right? Not so much. When I put gas in my car, I like to know what the quality is. So call me crazy, but when it comes to food, it’s not entirely absurd that I’ve adapted the same thought process. I prefer to know what’s fueling my body. Keep Reading


Teas That Promote Weight Loss

by Lauryn on December 18, 2012

After reading an article on tea in SELF magazine, I had to share my discoveries. My nightly cup of tea is exceedingly special after a day full errands, work & fitness. Tea is such an amazing alternative to coffee & usually brews up plenty of benefits.  My obsession? Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf. Any other suggestions are welcome! Keep Reading


++ How to Recover from a Few Days of Eating Awful:

+ Sweat it out: that’s right. Don’t make excuses- it’s more effective to force yourself out of bed & sweat it all out, as opposed to lounging around. Keep Reading


My odd food obsession? Meyer lemons. Ask anyone who knows me well- lemon complements everything I eat [ or drink ]. I use it on homemade pizza, quinoa pasta, hummus, all different kinds of berries, vegetables, pumpkin bread, &/or soup. Not only is one of the most versatile, low-calorie fruits, the acidic fruit turns alkaline after it is metabolizes in the body. This hummus & stuffed jalapeño olive appetizer is an easy side dish that is entirely Thanksgiving-appropiate & contains all-natural ingredients. Keep Reading


The Busy Salad

by Lauryn on November 9, 2012

I’m always busy & on the go. Sometimes I feel like I never get a moment to myself to breathe. On weekdays not many people have time to run home and cook a healthy, filling lunch. My friend & I created ‘the busy salad’ for when I’m too rushed & need some “fast” food with the proper nutrients. It is delicious & ridiculously easy to make. Keep Reading


The Best Kale Chips Ever Recipe

by Lauryn on November 1, 2012

Hello All! It’s Lauryn again from The Skinny Confidential!

Hope you had a great Halloween. Now it’s time to throw away the candy and eat clean!!  Keep Reading

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Frankenstein’s Toenails

by Lauryn on October 26, 2012

Since Halloween is around the corner, this delicious recipe completely appropriate. Although they look like toenails, they certainly don’t taste like them. I gave out a few of these mini pecan-filled pumpkins & one friend asked for a larger pumpkin with extra nuts. They’re THAT good. These “toenails” are eerily delicious. Quick skinny tip: pumpkin pie spice [ found at local grocery stores ] is amazing in tea, coffee, baked goods & on sweet potatoes. It’s a natural sweetener full of allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger. Keep Reading


Super Quick, Easy Fitness Moves

by Lauryn on October 19, 2012

Hey guys! I am here to show you super easy fitness moves that you can do at home. No excuses!! My trainer, Chris stole my heart when he mentioned he had memorized the Victoria’s Secret model’s diet & pre-fashion show workouts. Chris is not about bulk, but rather lengthening and leaning the muscles. Each one of the girls in my workout group has experienced weight loss since we began training with him. Check this out…so EASY! Get at it! Better sore than sorry!! Keep Reading