Best Healthy Snacks For A More Productive Work Day

by Mel on August 18, 2012

In today’s society, with our busy lifestyles, it can be a real challenge to eat healthy snacks that can get us through to lunchtime. It does not help that we seem to be surrounded by vendors all too willing to sell us their quick and convenient snacks that may satisfy our hunger but will also add to our waistline. It is always best to be prepared for that inevitable mid morning hunger pang during a busy work morning. Good healthy snacks may not be forthcoming at your local take away, but a bit of research and pre-preparation at home can go a long way to making sure you have nutrient rich snacks that will keep you buzzing along until your next main meal.

We all love our crisps and donuts and these may be alright in moderation and as a treat, but as a way to give yourself an energy boost during they day they are not the best healthy snacks one could hope for. After that first initial sugar rush your body will eventually slump, and you will end up feeling tired and grumpy and finding yourself in need of another donut or sugary drink. It is a vicious circle, as evidenced by the many bulging waistlines we witness around us every day.

Instead of a bag of crisps why not have a banana as one of your healthy snacks instead. They are sweet and tasty and come with their own convenient packaging to boot. Bananas belong to the low GI group of foods which means that you will not receive a quick energy boost, but rather you will experience a more sustained drawn out release of energy.

At the risk of stating the obvious other fruits such as strawberries, apples and oranges are also some of the best healthy snacks that can make a great substitute mid morning meal. A favorite snack belonging to the vegetable group is of course the carrot, which is easy and convenient to pack along with you to work — and goes great with a low fat dip.

If you are used to having a quick sandwich for a snack then you do not have to go without. Switching to a whole grain version of bread will give you the energy and nutrition your body needs while helping you avoid the intake of white sugars and processed grains so prevalent in our modern day processed foods.

Other excellent snacks made from grains are rice and corn crisps. Whole grain versions with a low fat cottage cheese, a slice of tomato, and just a sprinkling of seasoning are perfect for a quick snack that will give you a sustained boost in energy.

Instead of a chocolate bar why not switch instead to a healthy muesli bar? Choose carefully as there are many brands on the market that are just cleverly disguised candy bars with not much nutritional value. The best healthy snacks in muesli bars will use whole grains and lots of fruit for sweetness instead of processed sugars.

Often a cause of contention among dieters are nuts as a replacement healthy snack. It is true that nuts are concentrated calories but on the plus side it does not take many to give you lots of added nutrients, healthy carbohydrates, and proteins. For the dieter watching their fat intake, chestnuts are lowest in fat, contain relatively high fiber, but have a relatively low volume of protein. If you are after a boost in omega-3 fatty acids then go for the walnut. For maximum health benefits but perhaps not so tasty as a snack is soybeans (which are not really a nut as they belong to the legume family).

Some examples of heart healthy snacks for people looking after the old ticker and need low sodium content are low fat yogurts, grapes, and berries. Other ideas that are quick, convenient and more importantly tasty, are raw vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, and do not forget the carrot. Include a tasty low fat, low sodium dipping sauce for extra taste and zing. Home made pizzas made from whole grain muffins and low fat mozzarella cheeses will go a long way to dismissing your craving for those crisps and fatty donuts, and keeping your heart in tip top shape.

Easy healthy snacks are important for a variety of reasons. Most importantly they provide us with sustained energy rather than a quick burst and then the subsequent crash. They also have another added benefit, as small regular snacks will keep the metabolism churning along. Letting the body go hungry will put it into famine mode, causing it to store fat. For the dieter it is important that the body does not enter this phase.

As you can see there are many easy and healthy snacks available to satisfy that mid morning hunger. You do not have to compromise your health for the sake of convenience and you will probably find that you are more alert and actually getting more done. You can keep your energy levels up, lose weight, and all without going hungry.



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